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It’s always been good to learn from history since history repeats itself, similarly, it goes with the exam pattern we always try to find previous year questions to mentally prepare ourselves for upcoming hurdles in the exam and to check whether the level of our preparation is or is not up to the mark. Previous year questions give guidance to us and provide a base for the preparation of any competitive exam. It is always good to have an experience of how the level of exam varies from year to year. For every subject like in Computer, we come to know the pattern of questions must be followed to prepare the examination.

Q1. Which among the following is not a mobile Operating System?
(a) Bada
(b) Safari
(c) Symbian
(d) MeeGo
(e) WebOS

Q2. Which among the following key can be used as a shortcut to rename a folder in Microsoft Windows 8 and higher versions?
(a) F2
(b) F4
(c) F6
(d) F9
(e) F11

Q3. AT&T designed its first commercial modem, specifically for converting digital computer data to analog signals for transmission across its long distance network. What is the name of the modem?
(a) Telex
(b) Memex
(c) CompuServe
(d) Bell 103 dataset
(e) Dataphone

Q4. Integrated Chips or IC’s were started to be in use from which generation of Computers?
(a) 1st Generation
(b) 2nd Generation
(C) 3rd Generation
(d) 4th Generation
(e) 5th Generation

Q5. In Computer programming there is set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building software and applications. Which among the following is a term for sets of requirements that govern how one application can talk to another?
(a) UPS
(b) API
(c) CGI
(d) J2EE
(e) OLE

Q6. BSoDs can be caused by poorly written device drivers or malfunctioning hardware, such as faulty memory, power supply issues, overheating of components, or hardware running beyond its specification limits. Which color screen is displayed when encountered a BSOD Error?
(a) Red
(B) Gray
(c) Black
(D) Blue
(e) Green

Q7. Which among the following is the smallest unit in an image in a computer screen?
(a) Unit
(B) Pixel
(c) Array
(d) Resolution
(E) Clip

Q8. Microsoft Word is a word processor developed by Microsoft. In MS Word Spelling Check is a feature available in which tab?
(a) File
(b) Home
(c) Insert
(d) Review
(e) References

Q9. There is a network that can connect networks ranging from small location or area to a bigger range including public packet network and large corporate networks. That network's enterprise allows users to share access to applications, services and other centrally located resources. Its ability for a huge geographical access has transformed networking. Which among the following is that network? 
(a) SAN
(b) CAN
(c) LAN
(e) MAN

Q10. Which among the following is not an Object Oriented Programming Language?
(a) Python
(C) Java
(D) C ++
(S) Ruby

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