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Vocabulary Words - 30.11.2016

Mahendra Guru
Vocabulary Words - 30.11.2016
1.NAB (VERB): Seize

Synonyms: catch, clutch 

Antonyms: free, liberate

Example Sentence: 

The police nabbed the thief.

2. JUT OUT (VERB): Extend out

Synonyms: protrude, obtrude Antonyms: Shorten, recede

Example Sentence:

When the cat is ready to attack its enemy, its claws will jut out from its paws.

3. NEUROSIS (NOUN): Inhibition

Synonyms: Aberration, deviation Antonyms: balance, conformity

Example Sentence:

Amar's neurosis makes him nervous about being watched so he tries to blend into the scenery.

4. TRAUMA (NOUN): Agony

Synonyms: Ordeal, upheaval Antonyms: benefit, blessing

Example Sentence:

Kavita never fully recovered from the trauma of her experiences. 


Synonyms: flawless, unscathed Antonyms: broken, flawed

Example Sentence:

Ayesha is just intact in her job.

6. WHIMPER (VERB): Blubber

Synonyms: weep, moan Antonyms: bawl, holler

Example Sentence: 

When he met with an accident, he whimpered.

7. SINGE (VERB): Burn

Synonyms: blaze, blacken Antonyms: frost, glaciate

Example Sentence: 

Vandana released her neck, touching it with a thumb that burned hot enough to singe her skin.

8. DISTEND (VERB): Amplify

Synonyms: dilate, augment Antonyms: abridge, decrease

Example Sentence: 

The excess food consumption made Manoj’s stomach distend from bloat.

9. CONTORT (VERB): Deform

Synonyms: gnarl, writhe Antonyms: straighten, smooth

Example Sentence:

Corrupt politicians have contorted the face of politics.

10. SHARDS (NOUN): Fragments

Synonyms: dregs, particles Antonyms: whole, core

Example Sentence:

She kicked away a few shards of glass.

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