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Vocabulary - 31.03.2016

Bankers Guru
Vocabulary - 31.03.2016
1. PROLIFIC (ADJECTIVE): productive

Synonyms: bountiful, breeding 

Antonyms: barren, unproductive 

Example Sentence:

Spreading the appropriate manure will make the land prolific for the future.

2. FOMENT (VERB): provoke 

Synonyms: incite, agitate Antonyms: lull, tranquilize

Example Sentence:

We need to make sure that our competitors are not able to foment our employees.

3. REPULSE (NOUN): rejection

Synonyms: rebuff, turndown Antonyms: attainment, enchantment

Example Sentence: 

Their suggestions had to face a repulse by the top management.


Synonyms: delinquent, sluggish Antonyms: prompt, punctual

Example Sentence:

His working style is extremely tardy and can cause a loss to the company.

5. SPARINGLY (ADVERB): gently 

Synonyms: delicately, mildly Antonyms: roughly, heavily 

Example Sentence:

Childish people should be dealt with sparingly so that their feelings don’t get hurt.

6. TERMINATE (VERB): finish

Synonyms: abolish, adjourn Antonyms: employ, uphold

Example Sentence:

The government has decided to terminate the services of the new busses. 

7. STEEP (ADJECTIVE): elevated

Synonyms: lofty, arduous Antonyms: lowered, mild

Example Sentence:

We had to face a steep climb to reach the summit of the mountain. 

8. EQUIP (VERB): prepare

Synonyms: arm, gear Antonyms: disarm, disrobe

Example Sentence:

He wanted to equip all his soldiers with modernized guns.

9. WITHSTAND (VERB): resist 

Synonyms: thwart, brace Antonyms: dodge, surrender

Example Sentence:

They will not be able to withstand a power attack from our army.


Synonyms: exquisite, unblemished Antonyms: flawed, blemished

Example Sentence:

They will unveil a new impeccable way of completing the tasks.

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