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Vocabulary - 31.12.2015

Bankers Guru
Vocabulary - 31.12.2015
1. CALAMITOUS (ADJECTIVE): disastrous; tragic

Synonyms: adverse, deadly 

Antonyms: favourable, fortunate 

Example Sentence: 

We can prevent a nuclear-armed Iran, we can prevent a calamitous war.

2. PANOPTIC (ADJECTIVE): broad in scope

Synonyms: sweeping, complete Antonyms: narrow, limited

Example Sentence:

I suppose the town has a modern jail now—perhaps even with panoptic galleries!

3. GAMUT (NOUN): range

Synonyms: spectrum, area Antonyms: extreme, limitation

Example Sentence:

His ideological variability across a gamut of issues has caused many to label him the “swing justice.”

4. LACERATE (VERB): tear, cut; wound

Synonyms: mangle, injure Antonyms: aid, assist

Example Sentence:

She trotted away with her head up, carrying the kitten very carefully lest her teeth should lacerate its tender skin.

5. CONCOMITANT (ADJECTIVE): contributing, accompanying

Synonyms: accessory, attending Antonyms: chance, unrelated

Example Sentence:

I have found that cold, negative heat, is a concomitant of cold light.

6. SNAFU (NOUN): mistake

Synonyms: blunder, miscalculation Antonyms: correction, understanding

Example Sentence:

So is this snafu an image problem, or is the real problem the reality behind the curtain—a curtain that needed to be pulled back?

7. DELINQUENT (ADJECTIVE): irresponsible, defaulting

Synonyms: offending, tardy Antonyms: early, paid

Example Sentence:

He recognized his predatory streak clearly enough that he had to split his delinquent private self from his public concerns.

8. DECRY (VERB): criticize

Synonyms: defame, assail Antonyms: approve, compliment

Example Sentence:

The statements did not criticize the defendant's demeanor nor attempt to decry him in any way.

9. RECALIBRATE (VERB): to change or amend

Synonyms: modify, transform Antonyms: stagnate, remain

Example Sentence: 

After a shutdown it can take hours to recalibrate machinery.

10. STALWART (ADJECTIVE): loyal, reliable

Synonyms: indomitable, staunch Antonyms: afraid, timid

Example Sentence:

In the realm of bigtime sports, he was regarded as a stalwart of integrity and authenticity.

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