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IBPS - SO - HR - QUIZ : 31.12.2015

Bankers Guru

Q.1. Organizational Behaviour is a study of investigating the impact of:

(1) Employees' behaviour in an organization

(2) Societal behaviour on an organization

(3) Country's culture on an organization

(4) Country's economy on an organization

(5) Company’s policies in an organization

Q.2. Which of the following term is used to identify, "what the job holder does"? "how it is done"? & "why it is done"?

(1) Job specification

(2) Job evaluation

(3) Job description

(4) Job title

(5) None of these

Q.3. Which of the following term is used to identify the physical & mental skills, required to perform by an individual within a particular position in an organization?

(1) Job title

(2) Job specification

(3) Job description

(4) Job evaluation

(5) None of these

Q.4. Jobs are compensated on the basis of:

(1) Job analysis

(2) Job specification

(3) Job worth

(4) Job description

(5) Pay related with Job

Q.5. ____________ is the main source of innovations.

(1) Upgraded technology

(2) Human mind

(3) Competitors' pressure

(4) Research & Development

(5) Society

Q.6. Which of the following HR function is the basic element of recruitment?

(1) Attract the job applicants for the particular post

(2) Select the best one among all applicants

(3) Train the people as per organizational requirements

(4) Fire the non-performing employees

(5) None of these

Q.7. “A person is known by the company he/she keeps”; is well described by which of the term?

(1) Prejudice

(2) Stereotype

(3) Introversion

(4) Extroversion

(5) Type A

Q.8. Terms "Interpersonal skills" and "Human skills" are used for:

(1) Two different skills

(2) Different managerial skills

(3) Operational skills

(4) Same managerial skills

(5) HR component

 Which of the following abilities are categorized as the Technical skill of an individual?

(1) Judgment & creativity

(2) Analysis & communication

(3) Knowledge & proficiency

(4) Innovation & advancement

(5) None of these

Q.10. The intellectual & mechanical process used by an organization to transform inputs into outputs is termed as:

(1) Task

(2) People

(3) Structure

(4) Technology

(5) Operation


Q.1. (1) Q.2. (3) Q.3. (3)  Q.4. (1)  Q.5. (2)  Q.6. (1)  Q.7. (2)  Q.8. (4)  Q.9. (3)  Q.10. (4)

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