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Vocabulary - 27.11.2015

Bankers Guru
1. CONCLAVE (NOUN): secret meeting

Synonyms:     confab, assembly     Antonyms: openness, individual

Example Sentence:
He quotes an unnamed cardinal saying that the conclave voters knew the charges were false.

2. REPRISAL (NOUN): revenge

Synonyms: retribution, vengeance     Antonyms: pardon, sympathy

Example Sentence:
She seemed gauging me, trying, no doubt, to find out what reprisal would be taken against her brother.

3. SERVITUDE (NOUN): slavery

Synonyms: bondage, serfdom    Antonyms: mastery, boss

Example Sentence:   
Beware of these men; for their friendship is nothing less than a servitude.'

4. WADE (VERB): plod, often through water

Synonyms: splash, stumble    Antonyms: avoid, dodge

Example Sentence:
Then she asked who'd seen you last, and if anyone had given you leave to wade.

5. RESORTED (VERB): make use of

Synonyms: applied, exercised        Antonyms: abstain, halt

Example Sentence:
So, miserably, he resorted to the autocue, and even this he turned into a disaster.


Synonyms:     luminous, shining    Antonyms: dark, dim

Example Sentence:
The light of halogen lamps is slightly more “whitish” than incandescent lamps.

7. RABBLE (NOUN): mob

Synonyms:  crowd, gang   Antonyms: alone, one

Example Sentence:
All the excitement of her rabble rousing had been suitably extinguished, along with
our enthusiasm for this show.

8. RADICAL (ADJECTIVE): fundamental, basic

Synonyms:     basal, essential    Antonyms: minor, unimportant

Example Sentence:

Such a measure would be a radical, highly confrontational response to sanctions.

9. PLUNGE (VERB): dive or fall fast

Synonyms: descend, sink      Antonyms: increase, rise

Example Sentence:
We can hit the brakes, but that won't save us from the plunge.

10. SQUEAMISH (ADJECTIVE): nauseated; finicky

Synonyms:     fussy, queasy   Antonyms: undemanding, willing

Example Sentence:
Since when have you become so squeamish about card-playing, Mr. Paul?

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