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Vocabulary - 30.10.2015

Bankers Guru


Synonyms: frivolous, immaterial

Antonyms: significant, major

Example Sentence: 

If we were only there, our chances wouldn't be worth a picayune.

2. GUMPTION (NOUN): nerve, initiative

Synonyms: acumen, savvy

Antonyms: ignorance, stupidity

Example Sentence:

If your father just had the gumption to hold out, they'd have had to pay him anything he asked.

3. THEWY (ADJECTIVE): muscular, strong

Synonyms: bulky, beefy

Antonyms: skinny, small

Example Sentence: 

At last the cave is pronounced spick and span, and the doorway thought wide enough to admit the thewy prey.

4. WINSOME (ADJECTIVE): charming

Synonyms: appealing, delightful Antonyms: repulsive, unattractive 

Example Sentence:

Then was laughter of liegemen loud resounding with winsome words.

5. LANGUOR (NOUN): lethargy

Synonyms: inactivity, tiredness 

Antonyms: energy, vigor

Example Sentence:

She complained once more of a headache and of a languor which she could not account for.

6. ÉCLAT (NOUN): style

Synonyms: flair, dynamism 

Example Sentence:

Everyone was eager to get a sight of the young hero whose career had commenced with so much 'eclat'.

7. PIZZAZZ (NOUN): energy; flamboyance

Synonyms: ability, aptitude

Antonyms: disability, cowardice

Example Sentence:

His goal of coming across as humble subtracts from his pizzazz to share just exactly how he became so great at such a young age.

8. SPECK (NOUN): tiny bit 

Synonyms: particle, shred

Antonyms: lot, benefit

Example Sentence:

I feel as a cat who would lick all day to take the least speck from her fur.

9. INGEST (VERB): swallow

Synonyms: drink, eat

Antonyms: build

Example Sentence:

So if you do get snake bite or ingest poison, the Bible says you should go see your priest.


Synonyms: fashionable, natty 

Example Sentence:

Was she going to the races or a match, or a kettle-drum, that she must dandify herself with particular shades of color?

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