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Vocabulary - 31.08.2015

Bankers Guru

1. LINT (NOUN): tiny particles in the air

Synonyms: dirt, grime 

Antonyms: cleanliness, purity 

Example Sentence:

I did think the hall was rather dirty when I dropped my coat and took it up covered with lint.

2. CARRION (NOUN): decaying flesh

Synonyms: corpse, remains 

Example Sentence:

Already the carrion birds had gathered in incredible numbers.

3. PUNDIT (NOUN): one who gives his opinion as an expert in a specific field

Synonyms: philosopher, intellectual Antonyms: ignoramus, amateur

Example Sentence:

John is the pundit in our science class who usually knows all the test review answers.

4. SATE (VERB): satisfy

Synonyms: gratify, satiate Antonyms: abstain, deprive

Example Sentence:

Why wait a week to watch another episode when there are 108 more available and you can sate your hunger by just clicking away?

5. ARSON (NOUN): intentional burning

Synonyms: torching, firing 

Example Sentence:

Parker said true serial arsonists are relatively rare, and that most arson crimes are for financial gain or fraud.

6. ABRADE (VERB): scrape

Synonyms: erode, grate Antonyms: rebuild, please

Example Sentence:

In all cases, however, a hard file will abrade the surface of the false stone.

7. MACULATED (VERB): corrupt, violate

Synonyms: besmirch, degrade Antonyms: honour, praise

Example Sentence:

We are maculate, and it is given to no man to probe the mystery of existence.

8. INCUBUS (ADJECTIVE): evil spirit 

Synonyms: demon, devil Antonyms: angel, god

Example Sentence:

It was one of those rash friendships that so often prove an incubus in afterlife. 

9. NOSTRUM (NOUN): cure-all, often ineffective

Synonyms: falsify, feign Antonyms: disease, injury

Example Sentence:

We may safely feel certain that the nostrum was not liquid oxygen.

10. SIBYL (NOUN): prophet

Synonyms: augur, druid Antonyms: ignorant

Example Sentence:

Nobody really knows how the new leadership there will try to prove itself, but past experience does not sibyl well for the future.

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