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Vocabulary Words - 27.08.2015

Bankers Guru

1. PRUDISH (ADJECTIVE): shy and strict in behavior

Synonyms: fastidious, narrow minded

Antonyms: extroverted, outgoing 

Example Sentence:

Conservative women who dare to run for office are simultaneously attacked as sleazy and prudish.

2. STIPPLE (VERB): dapple

Synonyms: carve, paint 

Example Sentence:

The stipple manner of engraving was a curious development of the art.

3. DEIGN (VERB): lower oneself

Synonyms: condescend, consent Antonyms: oppose, refuse

Example Sentence:

Should we be grateful for whatever music they deign to release and grade them on a curve because of it?

4. PRETERNATURAL (ADJECTIVE): unusual, abnormal

Synonyms: aberrant, extraordinary Antonyms: regular, normal

Example Sentence:

He presided over the preternatural creation of 30 million new jobs—and the sharpest rise in median incomes in a generation.

5. LEVEE (NOUN): embankment

Synonyms: dam, mound 

Example Sentence:

Only when government scientists determine there is a risk of flooding will the middle of the levee be put in place.

6. ABUT (VERB): touch or be next to something

Synonyms: adjoin, border on Antonyms: separate, divide

Example Sentence:

There is some debate about how this will affect clinics that abut sidewalks or public streets.

7. PARENTHESIS (NOUN): digression

Synonyms: aside, departure Antonyms: accord, agreement

Example Sentence:

The parenthesis in the description of this view has been spoken of.

8. TAMP (VERB): fill to overflowing; compress 

Synonyms: overcrowd, load Antonyms: abstain, diet

Example Sentence:

What will he do if the populist rage he refused to quell or failed to tamp town turns more sinister? 


Synonyms: immaterial, meagre Antonyms: significant, major

Example Sentence:

The administration enthusiastically traded winning the future for a picayune present gain.

10. VERITABLE (ADJECTIVE): authentic

Synonyms: actual, genuine Antonyms: fake, false

Example Sentence:

His speech was a veritable tirade against everyone who is not an immediate supporter.

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