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SBI PO 2015-2016: Tips For A Group Discussion and Interview

Bankers Guru

Dear Aspirants,

Its time to pull up socks as SBI - PO - 2015-16 GD & INTERVIEW is close at hand. Here Mahendra's is providing Tips for Group Discussion & Interview (GD & I) of SBI - PO - 2015-16. GD & Interview will be conduct on 3rd Week of September 2015.

Tips for GD

  • This is a platform for the candidates to interact and debate with one another in front of the panel of members who hen evaluate their performances. Here the ability to be a team-man is analyzed. Your analytical skills and descriptive style are also evaluated .
  • Enhance your debate skills. Work on your language and style of presenting it. Prove your point without getting aggressive or using foul language.
  • Pitch your voice according to the discussion taking place in the GD. It might be a health discussion rather than a debate and so you must keep in with the sink.
  • Wear proper formal attire. GD is as important as the PI and thus you must look presentable.
  • Follow the instructions or rules, as the case may be, that are told by the panel members at the beginning of the session.  They evaluate the candidate's performance based on his adherence to the rules and guidelines.
  • Do not panic if no new points come to your mind. Relax. A calm and composed mind helps you think clearer and better. If you have nothing new to say, do not repeat the old points like a stuck gramophone record.
  • Be punctual. It is also very necessary to limit yourself to a few minutes while speaking on a topic. Do not go unimportant details and bore the other candidates and panel members.

Tips for Interview

  • Personal interview takes place individually for all the candidates. They gauge your General Awareness, confidence level through the PI.
  • Be confident in yourself. Take long deep breaths before entering the PI hall and try to relax.
  • Keep updated. Most of the questions that the panel members ask are from the latest happenings of the world, especially in the banking sector.
  • Start reading newspapers. Go thoroughly through the latest government policies, budget, RBI guidelines and policies.  
  • If you do not know the answer to a question, pass it straight away. Do not try to fool the panel members by beating around the bush and wasting time. It will do you more harm than good.
  • Carry a copy of your resume and  make sure you remember eveything you have mentioned in it. Be prepared for questions pertaining to the hows and whys of your basic qualifications, what made you enter the banking sector etc.
  • Do not  rush while speaking. Speak in a calm and composed manner so that you may not utter something inappropriate which you may regret later. Also remember to speak in a polite and respectful manner.
  • Punctuality and presentation make a huge difference. Arrive on time and be dressed in formals.

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