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English Questions Based On Paragraph Completion / Fill Up The Blank

Bankers Guru

1. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) plans to do away with the sale of general tickets at the Taj Mahal, and issue only e-tickets from all counters situated at the monument. The e-ticket is equipped with an advanced quick response code (QR code) which can be read by a software installed in smartphones. With the abolition of the old system, tourists will no longer have to wait in long queues as they can buy tickets sitting at homes. ------------------------------------------------------- 

1. Directed the ASI to make e-tickets available at the other two gates as well. 

2. He decided to go ahead with abolishing the sale of general tickets altogether. 

3. ASI staffers get training in handling tourists' entry using bar code readers,

4. From three counters located near east gate of the monument.

5. Ticket reselling is also expected to become difficult with the new system

2. The perennially parched Marathwada region is again staring at severe water crisis--------------------. Irrigation department officials admitted that the current water stock would have to be judiciously used to meet just the drinking water needs of the region. The cumulative water storage in major, medium and minor irrigation projects in the region has dropped to a worrisome 17% as against 36% storage on the same date last year. 

1. The need to chalk out a master plan to address the issue of water scarcity in a holistic manner.

2. with extremely low water levels in most of the reservoirs

3. There is a need to create awareness about judicious use of water at every level.

4. Arrangements are being made to ensure water is available for drinking purposes

5. Judicious use of water has still not become a norm in the region.

3. Bio-fuel stoves emit smoke that contains black carbon generating indoor air pollution and causes breathing problems, cough and asthma.-------------------------------. The black carbon, which is emitted in the form of smoke causes many health complications and is also harmful for the environment. Families must consider using electric stove to avoid the ill-effects of black carbon.

1. It is important that women are aware of the health hazards caused by using the traditional bio-fuel cooking stove

2. Results in black smoke which creates maximum damage to women since they tend the fire

3. Though such cooking methods are employed on a large-scale in many household across the city

4. Using bio-fuel should ensure proper ventilation to push out the excessive smoke..

5. A person exposed to black smoke is similar when compared to the damage caused to a smoker

4. Sparrow is useful in eradicating insects. The humble birds are nature’s bio-indicators and enjoy a historical relationship with humans, but now they are facing a serious threat-that of habitat destruction, which is the main cause for the declining population of these birds. Due to urbanization, hundreds of trees and bushes are being cleared to make way for big buildings. Another problem is food scarcity. -------------------------------

1. After 90 artificial nest boxes were installed in the city

2. The bird’s natural food resources are being eaten away by massive urbanization.

3. Efforts put in by the research team have yielded positive results.

4. Worse still, the hatchlings are either destroyed or born with serious deformities.

5. Natural predators such as cats, dogs, house lizards and other predatory birds like sparrow hawk, cows etc also predate on the eggs and small birds

Find two words either of which can fill up the blank-

5. The need for proper medical attention towards attaining good sleep is growing as we see -----------schedules and lack of time.

A.shrinking B. normal C. definite D. tight

1. A and C

2. A and B

3. B and D

4. A and D

5. C and D

6. Sanitation has become a------------ issue as toilets are stinking without ample water.

A. vapid B.primary C. key D. distant

1. A and B

2. C and D

3. B and C

4. B and D

5. A and D

7. Most of the times, villagers hire jeeps to shift patients or accident victims to the nearest health facility as some areas are -------------and inaccessible to ambulances.

A. far B. neglect C.remote D. transform

1. B and D

2. A and C

3. B and C

4. A and B

5. C and D

8. The number of Indians travelling to other countries is set to grow ----------with the estimated one billion domestic travelers increasingly setting their eyes on global destinations.

A. exponentially B. significantly C. timidly D. carefully

1. A and B

2. B and C

3. C and D

4. A and D

5. B and D

9. Walking under the -----------sun during summer seasons is always a nightmarish experience for anyone. 

A. ranging B.scorching C. mesmerizing D. unrelenting

1. A and C

2. C and D

3. B and C

4. A and B

5. A and D

10. Under the new scheme, the government has decided to------------ eggs and fruits to non-vegetarian and vegetarian students thrice a week. 

A. serve B. ban C. provide D. emulate

1. A and B

2. A and C

3. C and D

4. B and D

5. B and C


1. (5)

2. (2)

3. (1)

4. (2)

5. (4)

6. (3)

7. (2)

8. (1)

9. (5) 

10. (2)


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