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  1. A to H, eight members of a family sit around a circular table. The following information is known about them: There are three married couples in the family. E is third to the right of B, and exactly two persons sit between G and E. C is to the right of his grandson. F is the son-in-law of D and his daughter is A who sits to the left of her aunt E, who is opposite D. G and E are sisters-in-laws. H is unmarried, while F has no siblings. Each couple has at least one child.
    Sir I can't do it please help me.

    1. their is contradiction between f has no sibling and g and e are sister in laws. their is something wrong with the question definitely.
      although, if you find the solution do reply.

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    3. G=D ; E=C(E is married to C& sister of D, HENCE G,E are sister in law)
      ! !
      F=A B(child of E,C)
      H(son of A,F & grandson of C)

  2. C=D grandparents .,G=F > A daughter , E=H > B son

  3. If compound interest for two years is 156 and for two years it is 254 than what will be the rate of interest?
    Sir pls tell us a quick approach to solve this.

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  5. A man sells a table at 15% profit and a chair at 12% loss and earn 540rs as profit. If he sells the table at 12% loss and chair at 15% profit then he bears no profit no loss .find the price table and chair



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