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  1. ibps rrb po link is not open Is there any problem

  2. kindly please provide nabard related agri and rural devlop and eco and social issue

  3. ibps rrb po link is not open

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. sir plz enqulity part 1 kiya but propely concept not understand verbly sign
    if condtion root value = x===== +,+
    y===== +, +
    than i confused verbly singn plz sir reply me
    bcoz no coaching pay fees but only follow mahendra side i prepared examination long time

    1. in inequality ... ++ converts into -- , -- converts into +- , +- converts into -+ , and -+ converts into ++ .... there are four short trick to get the answer of inequality with the help of signs (without solving the equation) in
      1. if x has -+ sign and y has ++ .....then x>y and vice versa.
      2. -- and +-......relationship cannot be determined
      3. +- and +- ......relationship cannot be determined
      4. -- and -- ......relationship cannot be determined

  5. Hello

    Kisii Ne RRb Clerk Package 10 Number test diya hai

    Pls Question Number 7 explain kardo

  6. sir please mentioned me about the notification of rrb asm post

  7. please give the answer

    what is follow conclusion

    statement:- A>B>=C<=A

    conclusion:- (1) A>C
    (2) A>=C

  8. dear sir,madam
    please provide economics notes if you have

  9. pls kindly provide ibps so agriculture test series

  10. is there any information about WBSEDCL

  11. In a annual function of college 5 student Deepu,Lakhan,Qamar, Kiran and Bony participated in discus throw comptetion all of them throw discus but discuss was thrown by them to the different distances.the distances were 27,29,31,33 and 35 feet, but not necessary in the same order as the names are. Similarly the colour of the shirt of each person was different shirt colours were black, blue, brown, green and red.
    Each person was called to throw discus one by one.
    Now read some additional clues:
    1- lakhan and the person who was given the chance at fifth position threw the discus more than 30 feet.And niether of the two was in blue shirt.
    2- qamar's shirt was green. he threw the discus immediately before the person who got the first rank.
    3- the person whose postion was forth, was in red shirt and threw the discus two feet less than the person who threw the discus only after one person.
    4- boni was called first to throw the discus.but he didnt get the last rank.
    5- one who threw the discus immediately after deepu was in brown shirt.
    6- kiran was not the person who threw the discus at 31 or at 35 feet.
    7- the person in black shirt did not throw the discuss at 33 feet.
    8- the person in blue shirt did not throw the discuss at 2nd or 4th position.

    plzz reply with the ans

  12. my ibps po prelims result 2017 is not opening i have tried so many times but i don't know what the problem is if it is possible than please help me in this matter



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