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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 07-08-2020

Swati Mahendras

1.NIMBLE (ADJECTIVE): (फुर्तीला): agile 

Synonyms: lithe, sprightly 

Antonyms: stiff 

Example Sentence: 

With a deft motion of her nimble fingers, she completed the task. 

2. MORATORIUM (NOUN): (प्रतिबंध): embargo 

Synonyms: ban, prohibition 

Antonyms: renewal 

Example Sentence: 

There was a moratorium on the use of drift nets. 

3. MYSTERIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (रहस्यमय): enigmatic 

Synonyms: inscrutable, secretive 

Antonyms: open 

Example Sentence: 

She was mysterious about herself but said plenty about her husband. 

4. THRIVE (VERB): (फलना-फूलना): flourish 

Synonyms: prosper, burgeon 

Antonyms: fail, collapse 

Example Sentence: 

The entertainment industry has thrived in the recent decade. 

5. SUBVERSIVE (ADJECTIVE): (विनाशक): disruptive 

Synonyms: inflammatory, insurgent 

Antonyms: loyal 

Example Sentence: 

He was seen as a potentially subversive man within the party. 

6. CAPTIVATE (VERB): (मोह लेना): enthral 

Synonyms: charm, enchant 

Antonyms: repel 

Example Sentence: 

He was captivated by her beauty. 

7. ABANDONED (ADJECTIVE): (असंयत): uninhibited 

Synonyms: reckless, unrestrained 

Antonyms: restrained 

Example Sentence: 

He performed a wild, abandoned dance. 

8. BUTTRESS (VERB): (समर्थन देना): strengthen 

Synonyms: reinforce, fortify 

Antonyms: weaken 

Example Sentence: 

He buttressed his idea by religious belief. 

9. PROMINENT (ADJECTIVE):(अगोचर): conspicuous 

Synonyms: noticeable, obvious 

Antonyms: inconspicuous 

Example Sentence: 

The new housing estates are prominent landmarks. 

10. DETENTION (NOUN): (क़ैद): custody 

Synonyms: imprisonment, confinement 

Antonyms: relinquishment 

Example Sentence: 

The fifteen people arrested were still in police detention.


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