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Sunday, 7 June 2020

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 07-06-2020

Priyanka Mahendras
The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 09-12-19

1. IMMEDIATE (ADJECTIVE): (तत्काल): instant

Synonyms: instantaneous, on-the-spot

Antonyms: delayed

Example Sentence:

The authorities took no immediate action then and there.

2. DEFER (VERB): (योग्यता को स्वीकार करना): yield

Synonyms: submit, give way

Antonyms: stand up to

Example Sentence:

You must defer to him in my absence as you do me.

3.DISPROPORTIONATE (ADJECTIVE): (असंगत): out of proportion to

Synonyms: inordinate, unreasonable

Antonyms: proportionate

Example Sentence:

People usually spend a disproportionate amount of their income on fuel.

4. CONVALESCENT (ADJECTIVE): (अच्छा हो जानेवाला): recuperating

Synonyms: recovering, getting better

Antonyms: sickly

Example Sentence:

The patient is apparently convalescent but still needs more care.

5. AMBITIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (महत्त्वाकांक्षी): aspiring

Synonyms: determined, forceful

Antonyms: unambitious

Example Sentence:
She is a ruthlessly ambitious workaholic woman.

6. ANIMOSITY (NOUN): (बैर): antipathy

hostility, friction

Antonyms: goodwill

Example Sentence:

No animosity is there among them.

7. PARAMOUNT (ADJECTIVE): (आला दर्जे का): uppermost

Synonyms: supreme, chief

Antonyms: minor

Example Sentence:

His happiness is of paramount importance.

8. RIGOROUS (ADJECTIVE): (सख्त): strict

Synonyms: severe, stern

Antonyms: lax

Example Sentence:
Rigorous controls on mergers need to be taken

9. UNDERMINE (VERB): (दुर्बल करना): erode

Synonyms: wear away, undercut

Antonyms: support

Example Sentence:

The flow of water had undermined pillars supporting the roof.

10. ENTAIL (VERB): (आवश्यक बनाना): necessitate

Synonyms: require, need

Antonyms: nullify

Example Sentence:

We are in a situation which entails considerable risks

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