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Thursday, 26 March 2020

26 March2020 : Important Current Affairs PDF For Bank / SSC And UPSC

Priyanka Mahendras
11 jan 2020 : Important Current Affairs PDF For Bank / SSC And UPSC

Dear Aspirants,

Here we consider the gravity of your preparation for Bank, SSC, and UPSC Exam. we are providing you Important Current Affairs in pdf format for your competitive Exam, you’ll surely get benefited with this pdf. In addition to the theoretical knowledge you may also get the elaboration of these questions in the video format through the links given below:-


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  1. I am sending E-newspapers(The Hindu,TOI,Economic times,Indian Express)and Current affairs(Both English and Hindi)free to whatsapp groups every day.If you want to Join my group then Contact my WhatsApp Number-+919776055631.🙏

    1. Hii i will contact u please send me also



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