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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 14-02-2020

Priyanka Mahendras

1. PRIMA FACIE (ADJECTIVE): (प्रथम दृष्टया): based on the first impression 

Synonyms: apparent, evident 

Antonyms: hidden, inapparent 

Example Sentence: 

There was a prima facie case that a contempt of court had been committed. 

2. SPARING (ADJECTIVE): (किफ़ायती): economical 

Synonyms: prudent, cautious 

Antonyms: extravagant, lavish 

Example Sentence: 

Physicians advise sparing use of the ointment.

3. MUTILATION (NOUN): (विकृति): disfigurement 

Synonyms: damage, vandalization 

Antonyms: improvement, reparation 

Example Sentence: 

The mutilation of code or data caused by hardware or software failure.

4. EXPOSITION (NOUN): (प्रदर्शनी): exhibition 

Synonyms: display, show 

Antonyms: concealment 

Example Sentence: 

The exposition will feature exhibits by 165 companies.

5. GENERIC (ADJECTIVE): (सामान्य): general 

Synonyms: common, non-specific 

Antonyms: particular, specified 

Example Sentence: 

Chèvre is a generic term for all goat's milk cheese. 

6. TERRAIN (NOUN): (भूभाग): land 

Synonyms: ground, territory 

Antonyms: sky, heavens 

Example Sentence: 

They were delayed by rough terrain.

7. COGNITION (NOUN): (अनुभूति): understanding 

Synonyms: perception, awareness 

Antonyms: ignorance, heedlessness 

Example Sentence: 

We cannot possibly have any cognition of how such an act is possible.

8. AMPLITUDE (NOUN): (विस्तार): abundance 

Synonyms: bounty, range 

Antonyms: scarceness, dearth 

Example Sentence: 

There is an abundance of fine sculpture, both on the exterior and inside.

9. RETRENCHMENT (NOUN): (छटनी): reduction 

Synonyms: cut back, curtailment 

Antonyms: addition, sufficiency 

Example Sentence: 

He is determined to grow again after a period of retrenchment. 

10. PEG (VERB): (स्थिर करना): fix 

Synonyms: secure, fasten 

Antonyms: detach, release 

Example Sentence: 

The dividend was pegged at 23.59p 


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