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Tuesday, 3 December 2019

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 03-12-19

Mahendra Guru

1. BRACE (VERB): fortify:(बन्धनी) 

Synonyms: gird, prepare 

Antonyms: free, let go 

Example sentence: 

The posts were braced by timber.

2. TURGID (ADJECTIVE): swollen:(सूजा हुआ) 

Synonyms: bloated, disintended 

Antonyms: plain, simple 

Example sentence: 

A turgid river was ahead his way. 

3. TROVE (NOUN): accretion:(जमाव) 

Synonyms: aggregation, agglomeration 

Antonyms: subtraction, dispersal 

Example sentence: 

I saw the cellar contained a trove of rare wine. 

4. TURBID (ADJECTIVE): dense:(गंदा) 

Synonyms: muddy, murky 

Antonyms: clear, neat 

Example sentence: 

It was a turbid weather. 

5. TWINGE (NOUN): sharp pain:(टीस) 

Synonyms: ache, pang 

Antonyms: advantage, blessing 

Example sentence: 

I was feeling twinge in my heels. 

6. REPEL (VERB): push away:(हटाना/टालना) 

Synonyms: ward off, fend off 

Antonyms: approve, aid 

Example Sentence:

He repelled the enemies away. 

7. INSURGENT (ADJECTIVE): rebellious:(द्रोही) 

Synonyms: revolutionary, anarchical 

Antonyms: obedient, subordinate 

Example Sentence: 

The insurgent activists were killed. 

8. PROVINCIAL (ADJECTIVE): narrow:(संकीर्ण) 

Synonyms: bigoted, hidebound 

Antonyms: broad-minded, liberal 

Example Sentence: 

The provincial views must be changed. 

9. RETALIATE (VERB): get even with someone:(जैसे को तैसा देना) 

Synonyms: reciprocate, retrospect 

Antonyms: pardon, forgive 

Example Sentence: 

The enemy didn’t retaliate at the same time. 

10. PROFOUND (ADJECTIVE): thoughtful:(प्रकांड) 

Synonyms: philosophical, thorough 

Antonyms: superficial, unintelligent 

Example Sentence: 

He took profound steps. 


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