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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 09-10-19

Mahendra Guru

1. IMMACULATE (ADJECTIVE): very clean :(निर्मल)

Synonyms: neat, spotless

Antonyms: filthy, tainted

Example Sentence:

She has an immaculate white saree.

2. INVEIGLING (ADJECTIVE): alluring :(ललचाने वाली)

Synonyms: attracting, captivating 

Antonyms: repulsive, repellent

Example Sentence:

The picture was quite inveigling.
3. SINISTER (ADJECTIVE): nasty :( अशुभ)

Synonyms: ominous, perverse 

Antonyms: auspicious, benevolent 

Example Sentence:

It was a pretty sinister comment that you made so far.

4. MULISHNESS (NOUN): doggedness :(अड़ियलपन)

Synonyms: obstinacy, bullheadedness 

Antonyms: irresolution, dubiety

Example Sentence:

He is buying everything by showing his heights of mulishness.

5. PULSATE (VERB): quaver :(काँपना)

Synonyms: tremble, quiver 

Antonyms: steady, be still

Example Sentence:

The meek bird was pulsating in the refractory wind.

6. DOLEFUL (ADJECTIVE): mournful :(उदास)

Synonyms: woeful, sorrowful 

Antonyms: elated, cheerful

Example Sentence:

It must be a doleful morning for her and her family.

7. CEREBRATION (NOUN): thought :(दिमाग़ी कार्य)

Synonyms: cogitation, contemplation 

Antonyms: avoidance, ignorance

Example Sentence:

To join the two meaning together, the mathematical cerebration and methods was created.

8. RANTING (ADJECTIVE): raving :(नाराज़)

Synonyms: angry, raging 

Antonyms: serene, placid

Example Sentence:

Mukesh is a ranting man.

9. HOARSE (ADJECTIVE): harsh :(कर्कश)

Synonyms: rough, gruff 

Antonyms: polite, soft

Example Sentence:

One should not be hoarse towards their workers.

10. BEHEAD (VERB): cut off the head :(सिर काट कर अलग कर देना)

Synonyms: decapitate, decollate 

Antonyms: pardon, save

Example Sentence:

The Chinese soldier was beheaded by the American troop.

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