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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

RRB | Meeting with ECA for conduct of CBT

Mahendra Guru
RRB | Meeting with ECA for conduct of CBT

There are 21 Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs), having pan-India presence, undertake recruitment of various categories in Group 'C' posts on Indian Railways.They are under the control of the Railway Recruitment Control Board (RRCB), which was set up in the Ministry of Railways to coordinate and streamline the working of RRBs. RRBs have completely switched over to digital mode and almost all the recruitment processes which involve calling applications, conduct of examinations, evaluation of candidates, verification of documents and formation of panel of eligible candidates are Computer Based. 

The Computer Based Tests (CBTs) are conducted in 15 languages namely Hindi, English, Assamese, Bengali,Gujarati, Kannada, Konkani, Marathi, Manipuri, Malayalam,Odia, Punjabi,Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. Considering that Indian Railways is the biggest employer in the country, each Centralised Employment Notification (CEN)attracts huge number of applications. Examination Details of the notifications issued since 2018-19 are as under:

For CEN 1/2018 & CEN 3/2018 there were additional stages of Computer Based Tests (CBTs) where the number of candidates and shifts were lesser than Stage-I.CBTs for CEN 01/2019,03/2019 and RRC-01/2019 are yet to be conducted. It may be seen from the above, flawless conduct of CBTs for RRBsrequire the Examination Conducting Agency (ECA) to undertake meticulous planning, large scale mobilisation of resources and efficient capturing, handling and processing of data. The examination software (version) used should be certified and thoroughly tested for ensuring integrity of the examination. Adopting certified technological security measures in protecting and transmitting sensitive data is another very important requirement.

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