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Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Mahendras Speed Test: Result & Solution

Mahendra Guru
Mahendras Speed Test: Result & Solution

Dear Readers,

We are very glad to inform you that Mahendras has added more features in its Speed Test Portal: in order to prepare you to get your dream job this year. New features of ST Portal Result & Solution will include:

1- How Did You Score:  Here, you can check how much you have scored in the particular test.

2- Your Attempt Effectiveness? View Explanation:  In this tab, you can check your attempt effectiveness according to the SUPER, PERFECT, WEAK, WASTED, GUESSED and BOGUS.  

3- Overall Performance Summary:  This tab will show your CURRENT RANK, SCORE, ATTEMPTED, ACCURACY, PERCENTILE. 

4- Topicwise Analysis: In this tab, you will get the following options: Topics I Got Right, Topics I Got Wrong, Topics I Did Not Attempt. These tabs will help you in analysing your performance according to the topics.

5- How Was Your Attempts: Here, detailed question wise report will be generated.  You can check your performance subjects/topic wise. This tab will consist- Subject / Topic Q.No., Time Taken, Correct Your Attempt, Percentage, Concepts & Solution options.

6- Question Level: This tab will categorise the questions according to the level: Top Tricky, Top Difficult, Top Easy.

7- Time Summary: 
Mahendras Speed Test: Result & Solution

Video Tutorial Link:

Mahendras Speed Test new changes on ST Portal in “Speed Test Result & Solution” analysis. 

Mobile Users can give Mahendras Speed Test on Mahendras App. (#1 Test Series King)

Download URL:

a. Install Mahendras App and Login ST Portal (use ST Portal credentials) 
b. Start giving Speed Test & Mock Test on Mahendras App. 
c. Check New “Result & Solution Analysis” of all Exams. 

Feel Free to call for any query @ 1800-103-5225

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