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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 15-05-19

Mahendra Guru
1. VITUPERATE (VERB): criticize harshly:(निंदा करना) 

Synonyms: accuse, blame 

Antonyms: exonerate, exculpate 

Example Sentence: 

Vinta Nanda Vituperated Alok Nath for his misconduct. 

2. TURPITUDE (NOUN): depravity:(भ्रष्टता) 

Synonyms: corruption, criminality 

Antonyms: decency, morality 

Example Sentence: 

Alok was sentenced to life in prison for the acts of turpitude he committed. 

3. PEPSINATE (VERB): ferment:(बढ़ाना) 

Synonyms: lighten, raise 

Antonyms: darken, depress 

Example Sentence: 

One should always try to pepsinate one’s knowledge. 

4. UNCTUOUS (ADJECTIVE): ingratiating:(चापलूस) 

Synonyms: buttery, smarmy 

Antonyms: blunt, genuine 

Example Sentence: 

Navneet considers me unctuous. 

5. HOOK (VERB): catch:(जकड़ना) 

Synonyms: clasp, lock 

Antonyms: release, unhitch 

Example Sentence: 

He hooked a large fish. 

6. WANGLE (VERB): manipulate someone:(प्राप्त कर लेना) 

Synonyms: finagle, maneuver 

Antonyms: abandon, discard 

Example Sentence: 

He wangled a free ticket to the show.

7. FLEECE (VERB): steal:(चुराना) 

Synonyms: defraud, swindle 

Antonyms: give, offer 

Example Sentence: 

He fleeced the gold coins from the pot. 

8. CONCURRING (ADJECTIVE): agreeable:(एक मत होना) 

Synonyms: conforming, concurring 

Antonyms: disagreeable 

Example Sentence: 

The committee reached on to a concurring decision. 

9. DISSIMULATE (VERB): disguise:(छिपाना) 

Synonyms: falsify, feign 

Antonyms: unmask, disclose 

Example Sentence: 

The little girl often dissembles her feelings. 

10. UNFLAPPABLE (ADJECTIVE): cool and calm:(आसानी से विचलित न होने वाला) 

Synonyms: composed, impassive 

Antonyms: disconcerted, nervous 

Example Sentence: 

Amit is a sheerly unflappable man.

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