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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 27-03-19

Mahendra Guru
1. TWEAK (VERB): (परिवर्तन करना): modify

Synonyms: alter, change 

Antonyms: retain, remain

Example Sentence: 

She may be prepared to tweak her views. 

2. SPAR (VERB): (झगड़ना): argue 

Synonyms: quarrel, fight 

Antonyms: agree, concede 

Example Sentence: 

They spar regularly over food and clothing. 

3. CINCH (NOUN): (आसान-काम): cakewalk

Synonyms: piece of cake, child’s play 

Antonyms: difficult activity, exhausting task 

Example Sentence: 

I've done it before—it's a cinch. 

4. ORNERY (ADJECTIVE): (चिड़चिड़ा): cranky

Synonyms: grouchy, grumpy 

Antonyms: friendly, kind

Example Sentence: 

He was an ornery old businessman. 

5. RABID (ADJECTIVE): (उन्मत्त): maniacal 

Synonyms: frenzied, zealous 

Antonyms: apathetic, indifferent 

Example Sentence: 

The show is small but rabid fan base. 

6. THRONG (NOUN): (भीड़): bunch 

Synonyms: flock, mass 

Antonyms: individual, one

Example Sentence: 

Namit pushed his way through the throng. 

7. INCERTITUDE (NOUN): (संदेह): uncertainty

Synonyms: doubt, insecurity 

Antonyms: certainty, certitude 

Example Sentence: 

Some schools broke down under the stresses of policy incertitude. 

8. TENUOUS (ADJECTIVE): (कमज़ोर): weak, thin 

Synonyms: delicate, insubstantial 

Antonyms: certain, strong 

Example Sentence: 

The light may be an exceedingly tenuous cometary tail to the earth. 

9. ANNEX (NOUN): (पूरक अंश): addendum

Synonyms: appendix, adjunct 

Antonyms: base, lessening

Example Sentence: 

The first ten amendments were annexed to the Constitution in 1791. 

10. UNREFUTED (ADJECTIVE): (सही): accurate

Synonyms: authentic, definite 

Antonyms: incorrect, indefinite

Example Sentence: 

Srishti has completed an unrefuted task. 

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