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Monday, 11 March 2019

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 11-03-19

Mahendra Guru
1. OUTMANEUVER (VERB): (मात कर देना) outwit 

Synonyms: outdo, outsmart 

Antonyms: be inferior, fall behind 

Example Sentence: 

She was capable of or how hard it might be to outmaneuver him to leave hell. 

2. BOOMERANG (VERB): (विपरीत आ पड़ना) backfire 

Synonyms: kick back, come back 

Antonyms: ignore, neglect 

Example Sentence: 

Our plan to take over the business could boomerang on us if we're not careful. 

3. CONCURRENCE (NOUN): (सहमति) occurring together 

Synonyms: unanimity, synchronicity 

Antonyms: disagreement, discord 

Example Sentence: 

They have infuriated the senior leaders with the concurrence of their stupid remarks. 

4. INDULGENT (ADJECTIVE): (दयालु) kind 

Synonyms: compassionate, tolerant 

Antonyms: inconsiderate, intolerant 

Example Sentence: 

There are many indulgent people in the world. 

5. PROFOUND (ADJECTIVE): (गहन) (deeply) thoughtful 

Synonyms: abstruse, philosophical 

Antonyms: trivial, superficial 

Example Sentence: 

The teacher had a profound effect on his students. 

6. ALBATROSS (NOUN): (बोझ) burden 

Synonyms: millstone, disgrace 

Antonyms: benefit, blessing 

Example Sentence: 

Carrying around the secret for decades is something that could be albatross on him. 

7. SHORTFALL (NOUN): (कमी) lack 

Synonyms: inadequacy, flaw 

Antonyms: abundance, plenty 

Example Sentence: 

His shortfalls are destroying his career. 

8. TRANSGRESSION (NOUN): (आज्ञालंघन) breach 

Synonyms: violation, crime 

Antonyms: obedience, submission 

Example Sentence: 

Driving 100 mph in a 55 mph zone is an example of a transgression. 

9. APPEASEMENT (NOUN): (तुष्टीकरण) satisfaction 

Synonyms: conciliation, easing 

Antonyms: disagreement, aggravation 

Example Sentence: 

Despite the appeasement of the judge, the jury got angry. 

10. MALICE (NOUN): (कपट) animosity 

Synonyms: animus, bitterness 

Antonyms: friendliness, liking 

Example Sentence: 

The critic’s malice was evident in the harsh review.

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