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Monday, 12 November 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For IBPS PO/Clerk | 12-11-18

Mahendra Guru

1. SQUABBLE (NOUN): (लड़ाई/झगड़ा) argument

Synonyms: altercation, difference

Antonyms: accord, similarity

Example Sentence:

I don’t want to be engaged in the family squabbles.

2. PERTURBED (ADJECTIVE): (क्षुब्ध) troubled

Synonyms: restless, flustered

Antonyms: untroubled, unworried

Example Sentence: 

Even during this perturbed time he prosecuted his studies and teaching.

3. SUBVERSION (NOUN): (विनाश) undermining

Synonyms: sabotage, disruption

Antonyms: integration, consolidation

Example Sentence: 

They view individual liberty as a threat, new political ideas as subversion, and political opposition as treason.

4. FLOUT (VERB): (अवज्ञा) show contempt for something

Synonyms: defy, spur

Antonyms: commend, compliment

Example Sentence: 

It was a big story—indicating that Israel was continuing to flout international law to prevent Hezbollah from getting weapons. 

5. SHODDY (ADJECTIVE): (तुच्छ) in bad shape

Synonyms: inferior, tawdry

Antonyms: noble, sophisticated

Example Sentence:

The levees failed because of shoddy maintenance by a federal agency.

6. DISPEL (VERB): (दूर करना) allay

Synonyms: drive away thought, resolve

Antonyms: recall, take in

Example Sentence:

Nia comforted me so well that all my doubts were immediately dispelled somehow.

7. JUVENILE (ADJECTIVE): (युवकोचित/ बचकाना) childish

Synonyms: adolescent, young

Antonyms: mature, experienced

Example Sentence: 

The pick pocket was held in a juvenile facility as they were too young for jail.

8. JEER (VERB): (मज़ाक उड़ाना) ridicule

Synonyms: taunt, hoot

Antonyms: compliment, laud

Example Sentence:

The winning team jeered the opponents as their captain flaunted the trophy.

9. INTENDED (ADJECTIVE): (अभिप्रेत) deliberate

Synonyms: intentional, wilful

Antonyms: unfixed, unplanned

Example Sentence:

It was an intended joke.

10. PILLAGE (VERB): (लूटना) Plunder, destroy

Synonyms: ravage, ransack 

Antonyms: protect, construct

Example Sentence:

The terrorists pillaged the city.

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