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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For IBPS PO/Clerk | 26-09-18

Mahendra Guru

1. EAGERNESS (NOUN): enthusiasm: (उत्सुकता)

Synonyms: longing, yearning 

Antonyms: apathy, reluctance 

Example Sentence: 

His eagerness for fame can be seen in his actions.

2. ARDUOUS (ADJECTIVE): difficult: (कठिन)

Synonyms: onerous, uphill

Antonyms: effortless, pleasant

Example Sentence: 

The arduous task was completed on time.

3. FANATIC (NOUN): an overenthusiastic person: (उन्मादी)

Synonyms: bigot, radical

Antonym: liberal, moderate

Example Sentence: 

The fanatics are disliked by everyone.

4. PINNACLE (NOUN): top: (परमोत्कर्ष)

Synonyms: apex, zenith

Antonyms: nadir, base

Example Sentence:

They reached the pinnacle of their career honestly.

5. DETRIMENT (NOUN): disadvantage: (अहित)

Synonyms: liability, drawback

Antonyms: boon, gain

Example Sentence: 

They faced many detriments while achieving their goal.

6. ZEST (NOUN): spicing: (स्वाद)

Synonyms: seasoning, flavoring

Antonym: indifference, lethargy

Example Sentence:

A bit of zest is important in life.

7. WAYWARD (ADJECTIVE): contrary: (स्वेच्छाचारी)

Synonyms: delinquent, capricious

Antonyms: compliant, obedient

Example Sentence: 

The wayward points in the case made him lose it.

8. GAPE (VERB): stare: (मुँह बाये देखना)

Synonyms: glare, ogle

Antonyms: ignore, overlook

Example Sentence:

Many people gape in anger.

9. PINE (VERB): long for: (लालायित होना)

Synonyms: crave, hanker

Antonyms: dislike, despise

Example sentence: 

They pined for a lot money and ended up in jail.

10. MUFFLED (ADJECTIVE): quietened: (अवरुद्ध) 

Synonyms: silenced, subdued

Antonyms: encouraged, promoted 

Example Sentence: 

He muffled the noise with his roar.

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