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Sunday, 23 September 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For IBPS PO/Clerk | 23-09-18

Mahendra Guru

1. MAGNANIMITY (NOUN): generosity: (दरियादिली)

Synonyms: chivalry, philanthropy

Antonyms: meanness, selfishness

Example Sentence: 

Mukesh is known for his magnanimity.

2. ADDUCE (VERB): cite as evidence: (उल्लेख करना)

Synonyms: affirm, prove

Antonyms: obscure, hide 

Example Sentence: 

Since the lawyer couldn’t adduce his point, the judge didn’t believe his hypothesis.

3. TOUT (VERB): show off: (शेखी बघारना)

Synonyms: proclaim, publicize

Antonyms: conceal condemn 

Example Sentence: 

Mohini touts her wealth and position.

4. GELID (ADJECTIVE): freezing: (हिम-शीत)

Synonyms: chilling, arctic

Antonym: warm, tepid 

Example Sentence: 

The room of the hotel was Gelid and dark while it was a scorching heat outside. 

5. GAOL (VERB): imprison: (बन्दी करना)

Synonyms: jail, confine

Antonyms: free, emancipate 

Example Sentence: 

The place where criminals were gaoled, now contains a huge restaurant in it.

6. MASCOT (NOUN): lucky charm: (शुभंकर) 

Synonyms: amulet, talisman

Antonyms: repulsion, unlucky 

Example Sentence: 

Parinishtha is the best mascot our college has ever had. 

7. LAIR (NOUN): cave: (गुफा)

Synonyms: habitat, hideaway

Antonyms: unveil, display 

Example Sentence: 

A huge polar bear slumbered peacefully in its lair. 

8. MOOT (ADJECTIVE): doubtful: (विवादास्पद)

Synonyms: controversial, dubious

Antonyms: certain, definite 

Example Sentence: 

Peter’s case accusations over the property were considered moot. 

9. SLOVENLY (ADJECTIVE): messy: (लापरवाह)

Synonyms: disordered, disheveled

Antonyms: organized, clean 

Example Sentence: 

Once its slovenly clothes were washed, the dog looked quite adorable.

10. PANTHEIST (NOUN): person who does not believe in an orthodox religion: (सर्वेश्वरवादी)

Synonyms: agnostic, atheist

Antonyms: believer, follower

Example Sentence: 

He has been a pantheist fellow since college days.

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