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Thursday, 6 September 2018

Last Three Hours Remaining To Avail The Teacher's Day Offer

Mahendra Guru
Last Day To Avail The Teacher's Day Offer: So Hurry Up !!

Dear Readers,

If you are preparing for competitive exams, then right Study Material, right choice of Speed Test is essential for acquiring success in the exam. We, at Mahendras, understand the what is the needed to crack these exams in this cut-throat competition. If we talk about speed test, we all know that Speed Test Means....Mahendras. On the auspicious occasion of Teacher's Day, it brought an offer for all of you so that you can prepare yourself for these competitions. 

Today is the last day to avail those discounts that are provided under the Teacher's Day Offer, this offer is valid till 11:59 pm of 6th September 2018 (tonight).

Grab Mahendra's Teacher's Day Offer: Offer That Ensure Your Selection !!

Details Of The Offer:

First Card is : "NIACL COMBO PRE+MAINS 2018" (For 4 Month Validity): Original Price: Rs. 2500/-, Offer Price: Rs. 299 Only.
Offer Link:

The second Card is : "IBPS MEGA COMBO PO & CLERK 2018" (For 1 Year Validity): Original Price: Rs. 5000, Offer Price: Rs. 399 Only
Offer Link:

The third Card is : "IBPS PO COMBO PRE+MAINS 2018" (For 1 Year Validity): Original Price: Rs. 2700, Offer Price: Rs. 299 Only
Offer Link:

The fourth Card is : "IBPS CLERK COMBO PRE+MAINS 2018 " (For 1 Year Validity): Original Price: Rs. 2200, Offer Price: Rs. 199 Only
Offer Link:

Note: This Offer Will Be valid From 10:00 AM Of 05th Sep 2018 To 11:59 PM Of 06th Sep 2018. So utilize these hours to take a life-changing step. 

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