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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Computer Questions For IBPS RRB Clerk/PO - 13-09-18

Mahendra Guru
Computer Questions For IBPS RRB Clerk/PO - 10-09-18
Dear Readers,

As IBPS has released the official notification of the Common Recruitment Process for RRBs (CRP RRBs VII) for recruitment of Group “A”-Officers (Scale-I, II And III) and Group “B”-Office Assistant (Multipurpose) and the exam is going to be held in the month of August 2018 and September 2018 for both the posts. Looking at the notification, we have now started subject-wise quizzes for the exam. It will include quizzes of all the subjects- Quantitative Aptitude, English, Reasoning and Computer. All these quizzes will be strictly based on the latest pattern of the IBPS RRB exam and will be beneficial for your preparations. So, keep following the quizzes which will provide you a set of 10 questions daily. 

Here, we are providing you important questions of Computer for IBPS RRB 2018 exam.

Q.1 Which of the following may be necessary for you to do after you install new application software? 

(1) Do a warm boot 

(2) Turn the computer power switch off and then back on 

(3) Do a cold boot 

(4) Press Shift + Alt + Del 

(5) None of these 

Q.2 Which of the following displays additional options following a menu choice? 

(1) Dialog box 

(2) Task pane 

(3) Taskbar 

(4) Options button 

(5) None of these 

Q.3 What is the abbreviation of SATA ? 

(1) Serial Advanced Technology Attachment 

(2) Sedentary Advanced Technology Attachment 

(3) Secondary Advanced Technology Attachment 

(4) Secondary Serial Technology Attachment 

(5) None of these 

Q.4 Which of them is not an input control type? 

(1) Unintentional entry of wrong data 

(2) Preparation of false input forms 

(3) Intentional entry of fraudulent data 

(4) Use of unauthorized Input forms 

(5) Password secrecy 

Q.5 What best defines audit Trail? 

(1) Trailing of audit process 

(2) Chronological record of all events on system are maintained 

(3) Chronological record of all events on system are not maintained 

(4) Its maintenance of audit process 

(5) None of these 

Q.6 Which of the following is hardware and not software ? 

(1) Excel 

(2) Printer driver 

(3) Operating System 

(4) Power Point 

(5) CPU 

Q.7 What type of keys are 'Ctrl and Shift' ? 

(1) adjustment 

(2) function 

(3) modifier 

(4) alphanumeric 

(5) None of these 

Q.8 Which keys enable the input of numbers quickly ? 

(1) ctrl, shift and alt 

(2) function keys 

(3) the numeric keypad 

(4) arrow keys 

(5) None of these 

Q.9 The process of transferring files from the Internet to your computer is called- 

(1) downloading 

(2) uploading 

(3) FTP 

(4) JPEC 

(5) None of these 

Q.10 To maximize or restore a selected window- 

(1) Ctrl + F7 

(2) Ctrl + F10 

(3) Ctrl + F8 

(4) Ctrl + F9 

(5) None of these 


Q.1 (1) 

Q.2 (1) 

Q.3 (1) 

Q.4 (5) 

Q.5 (2) 

Q.6 (5) 

Q.7 (3) 

Q.8 (3) 

Q.9 (1) 

Q.10 (2)

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