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Thursday, 9 August 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For IBPS RRB PO/Clerk | 09-08-18

Mahendra Guru
1. DISINGENUOUS (ADJECTIVE): (कपटी): deceitful

Synonyms: unfair, dishonest

Antonyms: frank, truthful

Example Sentence:

The politicians now a days are becoming disingenuous.

2. ODIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (घिनौना): extremely unpleasant

Synonyms: disgusting, horrid

Antonyms: attractive, delightful

Example Sentence:

The police had resolved a mystery behind an odious crime.

3. CONFISCATE (VERB): (ज़ब्त करना): seize 

Synonyms: appropriate, impound

Antonyms: free, release

Example Sentence:

They confiscated mobile phones propaganda material.

4. YORE (NOUN): (बीता हुआ समय): time gone by

Synonyms: history, antiquity 

Antonyms: future, present

Example Sentence:

In the days of yore, the Internet did not exist.

5. VAGUE (ADJECTIVE): (अस्पष्ट): not definite or clear

Synonyms: ambiguous, dubious

Antonyms: apparent, certain

Example Sentence:

He rolled his eyes at the vague response.

6. DERISIVE (ADJECTIVE): (व्यंग्यात्मक): ridiculing

Synonyms: cheeky, mocking

Antonyms: polite, respectful

Example Sentence:

It was a derisive act.

7. BANTER (NOUN): (मज़ाक): teasing remarks

Synonyms: chaff, fun 

Antonyms: flattery, praise

Example Sentence: 

There was much good-natured banter.

8. YEOMAN (NOUN): (स्वेच्छा सेवी): worker

Synonyms: assistant, attendant

Antonyms: boss, manager

Example Sentence: 

The yeoman was plowing the field on his master’s land.

7. CONGEAL (VERB): (जमाना): to solidify 

Synonyms: coagulate, curdle

Antonyms: melt, soften

Example Sentence: 

She wanted to wash the frying pan before the bacon fat had a chance to congeal.

8. CONGENITAL (ADJECTIVE): (जन्मजात): inborn

Synonyms: innate, inherent

Antonyms: foreign, external

Example Sentence: 

When he was 17, he died of congenital heart disease.

9. CONCURRENT (ADJECTIVE): (समवर्ती): simultaneous

Synonyms: coexisting, concomitant

Antonyms: non-concurrent, divergent

Example Sentence:

Are these decisions concurrent with university policy?

10. CONDENSE (VERB): (संक्षित करना): abridge

Synonyms: contract, concentrate

Antonyms: increase, expand

Example Sentence: 

The English translation has been condensed into a single more readable book. 

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