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Sunday, 12 August 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For IBPS PO/Clerk | 12-08-18

Mahendra Guru

1. STYGIAN (ADJECTIVE): dark (अंधकारमय)

Synonyms: clouded, brunet

Antonyms: optimistic, hopeful

Example Sentence:

It was a stygian night.

2.                  2. TOUT (VERB): brag about (प्रचारित करना)

Synonyms: publicize, trumpet

Antonyms: blame, condemn

Example Sentence:

A liberal group supporting the opposition tried to tout their pro-middle class.

3. ELLIPSIS (NOUN): abbreviation (न्यूनपद)

Synonyms: abstract, shortness

Antonyms: elongate, prolong 
Example Sentence:

This letter is full of ellipsis.

4.EXTIRPATION (NOUN): extermination (विनाश)

Synonyms: annihilation, destruction

Antonyms: construction, formation

Example Sentence:

After the extirpation of the Indians, the labor of African slaves was introduced.

5.FOPPISH (ADJECTIVE): dapper (बना-ठना)

Synonyms: dandified, natty

Antonyms: non-fashionable, boring

Example Sentence:

He always dress-up in a foppish way.

6.GAFFE (NOUN): mistake (भूल)

Synonyms: blooper, blunder  

Antonyms: correction, edition

Example Sentence:

The gaffe created a furor in the scientific community, which attacked the publication for flawed and faulty research.

7.MINATORY (ADJECTIVE): threatening (डरानेवाला)

Synonyms: alarming, dangerous

Antonyms: pleasing, harmless 

Example Sentence:

Ashish is unlikely to be deterred by minatory finger-wagging.

8. PLUMB (ADJECTIVE): vertical (लंब)

Synonyms: perpendicular, straight

Antonyms: horizontal, flat

Example Sentence:

The plumb lines near the well were for protection.

9. QUINTESSENTIAL (ADJECTIVE): model (प्ररूपी)

Synonyms: ultimate, ideal  

Antonyms: secondary, flawed

Example Sentence: This is the quintessential product of my company.

10.RUNIC (ADJECTIVE): bewitching, charming (मोहक)

Synonyms: charismatic, enchanted

Antonyms: normal, unmoving

Example Sentence:

She is a runic singer.

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