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Friday, 10 August 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For IBPS PO/Clerk | 10-08-18

Mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary For IBPS RRB PO/Clerk | 10-08-18
1. INVEIGLING (ADJECTIVE): (मनोहर): Alluring

Synonyms: attracting, captivating 

Antonyms: repulsive, repellent

Example Sentence:

The picture was quite inveigling.

2. AGHAST (ADJECTIVE): (भौचक्का): Appalled

Synonyms: awestruck, agog 

Antonyms: unsurprised, composed

Example Sentence:

She was aghast at his question.

3. CONDOLENCE (NOUN): (शोक/ सहानुभूति): sympathy

Synonyms: compassion, consolation

Antonyms: brutality, harshness

Example Sentence: 

She sent him a letter of condolence.

4. POMPOUS (ADJECTIVE): (आडम्बरपूर्ण): arrogant, egotistic

Synonyms: boastful, selfish 

Antonyms: humble, kind

Example Sentence:

Because the movie star was pompous, she spent most of her time looking into the mirror.

5. SINISTER (ADJECTIVE): (भयावह): Nasty

Synonyms: ominous, perverse 

Antonyms: auspicious, benevolent 

Example Sentence:

It was a pretty sinister comment that you made so far.

6. MULISHNESS (NOUN): (हठ): Doggedness

Synonyms: obstinacy, bullheadedness 

Antonyms: irresolution, dubiety

Example Sentence:

He is buying everything by showing his heights of mulishness.

7. OSTRACIZE (VERB): (बहिष्कार करना): banish

Synonyms: expel, exclude 

Antonyms: accept, embrace

Example Sentence:

Nalini was declared a witch and ostracized by the villagers. 

8. PODGY (ADJECTIVE): (मोटा): slightly fat

Synonyms: chunky, flabby 

Antonyms: lean, skinny

Example Sentence:

When I stopped jogging, I became podgy.

9. QUIXOTIC (ADJECTIVE): (विलक्षण): idealistic

Synonyms: impractical, dreamy

Antonyms: realistic, sensible

Example Sentence:

It was clearly a quixotic case against the defendant.

10. PULSATE (VERB): (काँपना): Quaver

Synonyms: tremble, quiver 

Antonyms: steady, be still

Example Sentence:

The meek bird was pulsating in the refractory wind.

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