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Thursday, 23 August 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For IBPS PO/Clerk | 23-08-18

Mahendra Guru

1. KEEL (VERB)turn over on its side : (उलटना)

Synonyms:  plunge, overturn     
Antonyms: ascend, straighten

Example Sentence:

It might keel at any minute, we must aware of it.

2. COALESCENCE (NOUN): clotting: (थक्के)

Synonyms: clump, cluster

Antonyms: individual, opening

Example Sentence:

By coalescence of the endoderm-layers, the coelenteron may be reduced to vessels.

3. INAUGURATION (NOUN): launch: (उद्घाटन)

Synonyms: commencement, induction   

Antonyms: conclusion, adjournment 

Example Sentence:

The minister inaugurated the programme.

4. RESUMPTION (NOUN): restart: (पुनरारंभ)

Synonyms: revival, resurgence    

Antonyms: destruction, suppression  

Example Sentence:

He made an early resumption of peace and talks.

5. SIZABLE (ADJECTIVE): fairly large: (बड़ा)

Synonyms: extensive, hefty

Antonyms: tiny, small  

Example Sentence:

The city earlier had a sizable Jewish population.

6. SERMON (NOUN): a talk on a religious subject: (धर्मोपदेश)

Synonyms: lesson, preaching

Antonyms: blockage, hindrance

Example Sentence:

The spiritual Guru has just finished his sermon.

7. WADE (VERB): walk with effort through liquid: (प्रकट रूप से)

Synonyms: paddle, drudge

Antonyms: avoid, dodge   

Example Sentence:

As we wade gingerly across to the other bank, we realize we would be lost without the boys.

8. OSTENSIBLY (ADVERB): apparently

Synonyms: evidently, seemingly

Antonyms: improbably, unlikely  

Example Sentence:

Ostensibly, this is being done to make educational facilities available.

9. PITHY (ADJECTIVE): vigorously expressive: (सारगर्भित)

Synonyms: cogent, concise

Antonyms: impotent, lengthy

Example Sentence:

None liked his pithy comments.

10. PILLAGE (VERB): rob a place using violence: (लूटना)

Synonyms: loot, maraud

Antonyms: receive, construct

Example Sentence:

Those people pillaged the town.

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