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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For IBPS PO/Clerk | 14-08-18

Mahendra Guru
1. DETER (VERB): stop (रोकना)

Synonyms: prevent, halt  
Antonyms: encourage, comfort 

Example Sentence: 

I am yearning for waterballs.

2. JABBER (VERB): babble (गपशप करना)

Synonyms: chatter, gab 
Antonyms: be silent, be quiet

Example Sentence:

She likes to jabber a lot. 

3. UTOPIA (NOUN): bliss (आदर्शलोक)

Synonyms: paradise, ideal place    

Antonyms: hell, place of the condemned

Example Sentence:

I live in a utopia.

4. SLING (VERB): throw (वेग से फेंकना)

Synonyms: hoist, hurl    
Antonyms: receive, keep

Example Sentence:

When I tried to do it with the sling on, I lost my balance.

5. VILIFY (VERB): criticize (बदनाम करना)

Synonyms: damn, malign   
Antonyms: praise, laud

Example Sentence:

She was vilifying Aman.

6. ORCHESTRATE (VERB): organize (व्यवस्था करना)

Synonyms: arrange, set up 
Antonyms:  disperse, divide

Example Sentence: 

They will orchestrate the meeting for you.

7. LOUT (NOUN): boor (गंवार)

Synonyms: brute, slob   
Antonyms: gentle, mild

Example Sentence:

Satish is a lout.

8. STEREOTYPED (ADJECTIVE): banal (घिसा-पिटा)

Synonyms: dull, hackneyed       
Antonyms: fresh, new

Example Sentence:

It was a stereotyped movie.

9. VEHEMENCE (NOUN): passion (उत्साह)

Synonyms: fervor, frenzy    
Antonyms: peace, peacefulness

Example Sentence:

The vehemence of his temper was controlled by an affectionate disposition.

10. TRAVESTY (NOUN): mockery (मजाक)

Synonyms: spoof, satire       
Antonyms: seriousness, solemnity

Example Sentence:

Allowing students to cheat in tests is a travesty of education.

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