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Sunday, 26 August 2018

SSC CPO : English Language Quiz | 26 - 08 - 18

Mahendra Guru
SSC CPO : English Language Quiz | 26 - 08 - 18
In SSC examination, the English section is completely based on the grammar rules so, you need to focus on the grammar part of English. Learn all the basic concepts and rules of grammar that will increase your marks in the examination. It has been seen that there is a change in the exam pattern of  English in some recent exams; some section were skipped while some sections were added but the basic things were same so you need to practice more on grammar rules to cover all the aspects of English. It is the most scoring section and is less time-consuming. Mahendra Guru provides you English Language Quiz for SSC examination based on the latest pattern so that you can practice on regular basis. It will definitely help you to score good marks in the exam. It is the most important section for all the govt exams like IBPS PO/ Clerk/SO/RRB, RBI, SBI, Insurance, SSC-MTS, CGL, CHSL, State Level and other Competitive exams.

Mahendra Guru provides you with an SSC Quiz of English Language on daily basis to help you in your preparation for Govt jobs. Mahendra Guru also provides you with important notes and study material for all subject and test through its website, Mahendra Guru App and YouTube channel apart from it Speed Test Portal. Most of these preparation products are also available for purchase at my shop. You can also visit to get more information about our endeavours for your success. You can also study in detail through our Emahendras Facebook and Mahendra Guru YouTube channel of English.


Q.1. Your father doesn’t object ____________ you to the party at Pat’s on Saturday. 

(A) to drive 

(B) drives 

(C) to driving 

(D) none of the above 

Q.2. I'm looking forward to ______ him again when he’s back from the USA. 

(A) see 

(B) seen 

(C) seeing 

(D) none of the above 

Q.3. I’m awfully sorry, but I’m totally opposed to ____________ him my car for the weekend! 

(A) lends 

(B) lent 

(C) lend 

(D) lending 

Q.4. He doesn’t want you ____________ her offer! 

(A) accept 

(B) accepts 

(C) accepted 

(D) to accept 

Q.5. I wouldn’t like him to take _____________ alcohol after the terrible disappointment he’s had. 

(A) to drink 

(B) drinks 

(C) to drinking 

(D) drunk 

Q.6. He only came to see her with a view to ___________ some money from her. 

(A) borrow 

(B) borrowed 

(C) borrows 

(D) borrowing 

Q.7. Ansh didn’t expect to ______________ such a fast answer. 

(A) receive 

(B) received 

(C) receiving 

(D) in receiving 

Q.8. Don’t drive me to school… I’m used to _________ there with my friends. 

(A) walking 

(B) walks 

(C) walk 

(D) walked 

Q.9. When will you get around ______________ that report? It will just take you an hour. 

(A) to writing 

(B) to write 

(C) writing 

(D) write 

Q.10. Even if everyone knew it, he didn’t admit ____________ to the police. 

(A) to lying 

(B) lie 

(C) lying 

(D) none of the above 


Q1. (C) 

Q2. (C) 

Q3. (D) 

Q4. (D) 

Q5. (C) 

Q6. (D) 

Q7. (C) 

Q8. (A) 

Q9. (A) 

Q10. (A)

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