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Thursday, 5 July 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk/PO | 05-07-18

Mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk/PO | 05-07-18
1. INTREPID (ADJECTIVE): (निडर): fearless

Synonyms: courageous, heroic

afraid, fearful

Example Sentence:

I am an intrepid person.

2. BALMY (ADJECTIVE): (सौम्य):

Synonyms: moist, tropical

Antonyms: balanced, inclement

Example Sentence:
This fabric gives a balmy effect on the viewer’s eye.

3. ABROGATE (VERB): (अभिनिषेध करना): abolish

Synonyms: annul, invalidate

Antonyms: approve, permit

Example Sentence:

Thus the new rule was abrogated.

4. RECONDITE (ADJECTIVE): (गंभीर): abstruse

Synonyms: arcane, cabalistic

Antonyms: obvious, simple

Example Sentence:

The new colony is full of recondite apartments.

5. PROPINQUITY (NOUN): (सान्निध्य): closeness

Synonyms: affinity, nearness

Antonyms: remoteness, distance

Example Sentence:
I felt deep propinquity between them.

6. ABNEGATE (VERB): (अस्वीकार करना): renounce

Synonyms: abstain, decline

Antonyms: accept, use

Example Sentence:

She attempts to abnegate personal responsibility.

7. TUMULT (NOUN): (कोलाहल): agitation

commotion, convulsion

Antonyms: harmony, peace

Example Sentence:

These days tumult and fracas is going on in Delhi.

8. CONDONE (VERB): (माफ करना): excuse

Synonyms: forget, forgive

Antonyms: deny, refuse

Example Sentence:

She said to the teacher kindly condone my faults.

9. OBLOQUY (NOUN): (अपमान): calumny

Synonyms: aspersion, censure

Antonyms: approval, exaltation

Example Sentence:

He faced obloquy by them.

10. BEDLAM (NOUN): (अव्यवस्था): chaotic situation

Synonyms: chaos, clamour

Antonyms: calmness, silence

Example Sentence:

In the absence of a teacher, the classroom was in a bedlam

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