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Monday, 2 July 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 02-07-18

Mahendra Guru
1. SECEDE (VERB): (छोड़ना): pull away

Synonyms: abdicate, leave

Antonyms: hold, remain

Example Sentence:

The small island nation opted to secede from its mothering country.

2. CLANDESTINE (ADJECTIVE): (गुप्त): done secretively

Synonyms: covert, fraudulent

Antonyms: legal, public

Example Sentence:

Natasha requested me to keep her idea clandestine.

3. ENGULF (VERB): (आत्मसात करना): consume

Synonyms: absorb, encompass

Antonyms: neglect, uncover

Example Sentence: 

We in this generation do not engulf ourselves in the long-lived traditions.

4. ENCOMIUM (NOUN): (गुणानुवाद): tribute

Synonyms: accolade, salutation 

Antonyms: blame, criticism

Example Sentence:

Shivi has written an encomium celebrating the art form.

5. ENGENDER (VERB): (पैदा करना): cause or give rise

Synonyms: arouse, instigate

Antonyms: prevent, halt

Example Sentence:

They lose their power over people, they lose their ability to engender fear

6. ELITE (NOUN): (अनन्य): a select group that is superior

Synonyms: exclusive, noble

Antonyms: ordinary, low- class

Example Sentence: 

Abhinay belonged to an elite class.

7. RANT (VERB): (डांटना): to taunt or scold

Synonyms: yelling, raving

Antonyms: calm, quiet

Example Sentence: 

Prithwi spent hours ranting about the hike in gasoline prices.

8. MOURN (VERB): (शोक करना): be sad over loss

Synonyms: lament, regret 

Antonyms: please, delight

Example Sentence: 

We mourn the loss of our great leader.

9. MONSTROSITY (NOUN): (सनकी): freak

Synonyms: abnormality, deformity 

Antonyms: beauty, simplicity

Example Sentence: 

Paarth hates thinking alone and regards it as a monstrosity.

10. CLOWNING (NOUN): (मूर्खता): foolery

Synonyms: prank, nonsense

Antonyms: tragedy, seriousness

Example Sentence:

His acts are no less than clowning.

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