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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 27-06-18

Mahendra Guru
1. PROSAIC (ADJECTIVE): (नीरस): vapid

Synonyms: mundane, humdrum

Antonyms: exciting, creative 

Example Sentence:

Prosaic language can't convey the experience.

2. SAVAGE (ADJECTIVE): (क्रूर): atrocious

Synonyms: barbarous, fierce

Antonyms: gentle, merciful 

Example Sentence:

They were told to stay inside the home until the savage animal is caught!

3. CONTRETEMPS (NOUN): (अनिष्ट): accident

Synonyms: hazard, disaster 

Antonyms: boon, blessing

Example Sentence:

Ripunjay met with a contretemps on the way to Kashmir.

4. BUDDING (ADJECTIVE): (नवोदित): developing

Synonyms: growing, fledgling

Antonyms: dying, shrinking 

Example Sentence:

The budding flower has not yet unfurled its petals completely.

5. OUT-AND-OUT (ADJECTIVE): (व्यापक): exhaustive

Synonyms: comprehensive, thorough 

Antonyms: incomprehensive, superficial 

Example Sentence:

Sharmishtha was involved in out-and-out activities during the training.

6. FATALITY (NOUN): (मृत्यु-दर): death

Synonyms: casualty, mortality 

Antonyms: birth, inception

Example Sentence: 

He was broken by the fatality at his home.

7. STATUTORY (ADJECTIVE): (वैधानिक): sanctioned

Synonyms: lawful, judicial 

Antonyms: illegitimate, illicit

Example Sentence:

Major Ranveer Singha is on a statutory parole.

8. RECONDITION (VERB): (पुनर्नवीयन): renovate

Synonyms: overhaul, refurbish 

Antonyms: destroy, ruin

Example Sentence:

Tabish got his house reconditioned.

9. MOULD (VERB): (काटना): cut carefully

Synonyms: divide, etch

Antonyms: join, mend

Example Sentence: 

He moulded the extra wood from the door.

10. SPECK (NOUN): (धब्बा): stain

Synonyms: blot, dot

Antonyms: paragon, excellence 

Example Sentence:

There were mud specks on my shoes.

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