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Saturday, 16 June 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 16-06-18

Mahendra Guru
1. FOIBLE (NOUN): (चरित्र की दुर्बलता): shortcoming

Synonyms: eccentricity, frailty 

Antonyms: advantage, normality

Example Sentence: 

I can’t let this whole project work go wrong just because of some foible.

2. HUBBUB (NOUN): (शोरगुल): uproar

Synonyms: clamour, fuss 

Antonyms: peace, harmony

Example Sentence:

The hubbub from the group of reporters gave the politician a headache.

3. SNIPER (NOUN): (लुटेरा): bandit

Synonyms: criminal, crook 

Antonyms: law, police

Example Sentence:

He is a notorious sniper.

4. COMBATIVE (ADJECTIVE): (लड़ाकू): belligerent

Synonyms: combative, hostile 

Antonyms: agreeable, calm

Example Sentence:

She comes across combative to men who approach her.

5. GLOAT (VERB): (आनंदित होना): exclaim triumph

Synonyms: rejoice, relish 

Antonyms: be sad, commiserate

Example Sentence: 

The winning team was polite enough to not gloat over its huge win.

6. IMBUE (VERB): (गहराई तक पहुंचना): inculcate

Synonyms: ingrain, instil 

Antonyms: drain, take out

Example Sentence:

When cinnamon is added to the sweet potato batter, it will imbue the pie with a hint of spice.

7. HAGGLE (VERB): (बखेड़ा करना): bicker

Synonyms: barter, quibble 

Antonyms: agree, concur

Example Sentence:

I’ll pay the sticker price because I do not want to haggle with the trader.

8. FRITTER (VERB): (गंवाना): waste away

Synonyms: misspend, dally 

Antonyms: conserve, preserve

Example Sentence:

It is advised to not to fritter your money.

9. GRASP (NOUN): (समझ): understanding

Synonyms: awareness, knowledge 

Antonyms: ignorance, avoidance

Example Sentence:

I like his grasp over the subject.

10. FLINCH (VERB): (विमुख होना): avoid

Synonyms: dodge, duck 

Antonyms: face, confront

Example Sentence:

Don not try to flinch your duties.

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