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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 06-06-18

Mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 06-06-18
1. PLOWED (ADJECTIVE): (जोता हुआ) cultivated 

Synonyms: furrowed, tilled

Antonyms: recovered, instilled

Example Sentence: 

Anuj plowed into him, nearly knocking him down.

2. SLAPPED (ADJECTIVE): (अधिरोपित) hard hit/imposed 

Synonyms: beaten, pat 

Antonyms: avoided, saved

Example Sentence: 

He was slapped by the disaster.

3. EVAPORATE (VERB): (लुप्त हो जाना) dry, dissolve

Synonyms: absorb, vaporize 

Antonyms: appear, moist 

Example Sentence: 

The water was evaporated from the pan.

4. FINERY (NOUN): (सजधज) best clothing

Synonyms: apparel, suit 

Antonyms: rags, tatters

Example Sentence: 

He was in the world’s best finery.

5. ALUMNUS (NOUN): (भूतपूर्व छात्र) educated/ ex-student

Synonyms: old grad, alumna 

Antonyms: undergraduate, uneducated

Example Sentence: 

He is an intelligent alumnus.

6. UNCOUTH (ADJECTIVE): (बेढंगा) clumsy, uncultivated

Synonyms: awkward, barbaric 

Antonyms: agile, couth

Example Sentence: 

Manoj behaved in an uncouth manner.

7. TRITE (ADJECTIVE): (घिसे-पिटे) hackneyed

Synonyms: dull, cliche 

Antonyms: fresh, new

Example Sentence: 

I don’t want to involve in the trite conversation they were having.

8. MURKY (ADJECTIVE): (धुंधला) cloudy

Synonyms: misty, foggy 

Antonyms: bright, clear

Example Sentence: 

The fight was going on in the murky environment.

9. PALLIATE (VERB): (शांत करना) abate

Synonyms: allay, assuage 

Antonyms: increase, intensify

Example Sentence: 

Perhaps a nap will palliate my headache.

10. MELANGE (NOUN): (मिश्रण) mixture

Synonyms: medley, mishmash 

Antonyms: constituent, element

Example Sentence: 

Sunidhi’s set list included a mélange of her old and new hits.

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