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Sunday, 3 June 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 03-06-18

Mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 03-06-18
1. TITILLATE (VERB): (गुदगुदाना/ उत्तेजित करना) excite

Synonyms: stimulate, tantalize

bore, disenchant

Example Sentence:

They are paid to titillate the notorious politician.

2. CONTENTIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (विवादास्पद) quarrelsome

combative, belligerent

Antonyms: agreeable, enjoyable

Example Sentence:

She tends to avoid contentious topics of conversation.

3. AGGRIEVED (ADJECTIVE): (व्याकुल) grieving

Synonyms: very distressed, disturbed

Antonyms: comforted, pleased

Example Sentence: 

Many aggrieved prisoners expressed their innocence.

4. GIGANTIC (ADJECTIVE): (विशाल) very large

Synonyms: enormous, giant

Antonyms: miniscule, miniature

Example Sentence: 

A series of scams disturbed the gigantic scheme.

5. SEISMIC (ADJECTIVE): (भूकंप-संबंधी) quaky

Synonyms: quivering, tremulous

Antonyms: fixed, solid

Example Sentence:

The relation of the volcanic phenomena and of the seismic is clearly to be seen.

6. RENDER (VERB): (प्रस्तुत करना) deliver

Synonyms: give, provide

Antonyms: hold, keep

Example Sentence:

Funds will be used to render food to the homeless.

7. RELENTLESS (ADJECTIVE): (अविरल) determined

Synonyms: rigorous, dogged

Antonyms: flexible, irresolute

Example Sentence: 

Sania is a relentless player.


Synonyms: delicate, shaky

Antonyms: strong, healthy

Example Sentence:

Don’t you dare consider yourself a tenuous person.

9. RIPPLE (VERB): (लहराना) oscillate

Synonyms: pulsate, vacillate

Antonyms: be still, remain

Example Sentence:

The rods are caused to oscillate slowly by an engine.

10. AMENDMENT (NOUN): (संशोधन) change

Synonyms: revision, correction

Antonyms: damage, hurt

Example Sentence:

None of the senators think that an amendment would be approved.

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