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Saturday, 9 June 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 09-06-18

Mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 09-06-18
1. ABSOLVE (VERB): (दोषमुक्त करना) acquit

Synonyms: exempt, exonerate 

Antonyms: condemn, convict

Example Sentence: 

The criminal was absolved by the court.

2. ADHERENT (NOUN): (अनुयायी) supporter

Synonyms: backer, devotee

Antonyms: antagonist, non believer

Example Sentence:

He is an adherent of theism.

3. AFFRONT (NOUN): (निरादर) insult

Synonyms: indignity, provocation 

Antonyms: praise, complement 

Example Sentence:

I found this statement as an affront.

4. AVIDITY (NOUN): (उत्सुकता) alertness

Synonyms: alacrity, briskness 

Antonyms: indifference, dullness

Example Sentence:

You should do it with some avidity.

5. ALLEVIATE (VERB): (कम करना) allay

Synonyms: assuage, ease 

Antonyms: worsen, intensify

Example Sentence: 

Maya couldn't prevent her pain, only alleviate it.

6. AWKWARD (ADJECTIVE): (अनाड़ी) clumsy

Synonyms: rude, stiff 

Antonyms: adroit, artful

Example Sentence:

I found his saying quite awkward.

7. APPARENT (ADJECTIVE): (आभासी) possible 

Synonyms: probable, supposed 

Antonyms: doubtful, dubious

Example Sentence: 

I see this is an apparent reason for this disaster.

8. ALLURE (NOUN): (आकर्षण) attraction

Synonyms: charisma, charm 

Antonyms: repulsion, loathing

Example Sentence:

The hungry child could not resist the allure of the food.

9. ABORTIVE (ADJECTIVE): (अविकसित) failed

Synonyms: fruitless, futile 

Antonyms: fruitful, productive

Example Sentence: 

He made an abortive attempt this time.

10. ABOMINABLE (ADJECTIVE): (घिनौना) abhorrent

Synonyms: atrocious, awful 

Antonyms: pleasing, desirous

Example Sentence: 

His works made him abominable person.

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