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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Questions Of The Day-06-06-2018

Mahendra Guru

Questions Of The Day-06-06-2018
Enhance your thinking ability and writing skills daily with us. Here we are providing you a platform to attempt the descriptive paper. We will provide you a question of the day daily, which will be based on the editorial discussed in the editorial times. You can post your answers in the comment section and we will evaluate your answer. Also, you can post your topic which you want us to be discussed under case study. We will select a topic weekly from your comments. You can write your answer either in English or in Hindi and you can also write your answer in pen and paper mode and can later upload your answer in image form.

Idioms & Phrases 

Q.1 At odds with 

(1) Inconsistent 

(2) At difficult situation 

(3) With enemy 

(4) Not in progress 


Q.2 At once 

(1) Only once 

(2) Irregularly 

(3) Clearly 

(4) Simultaneously 


One word Substitution 

Q.1 Property handed down after the death of a person. 

(1) Legacy = An amount of money or property left to someone in a will 

(2) Legend = An extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field 

(3) Patrimony = Property inherited from one's father or male ancestor 

(4) Inheritance 


Q.2 One who breaks the established traditions and image. 

(1) Fatalist = the acceptance of all things and events as inevitable 

(2) Fanatic = a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics 

(3) Iconoclast 

(4) Philanthropist = a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others 


Question of the Day

Q.1 Consider the following statements.

(A) 5th June is celebrated as the World Environment Day.

(B) The theme for this year’s World Environment Day is ‘beat air pollution’.

(C) India is the global host nation for the 43rd edition of the event.

Which of the above statement/s is/are correct?

1) A and B only

2) A and C only

3) B and C only

4) All of the above

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