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Monday, 21 May 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 21-05-18

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1. GUFFAW (NOUN): (खिलखिलाकर हंसना) Burst of laughter

Synonyms: howling, pillage  

Antonyms: moan, sob

Example Sentence:

He burst into a loud guffaw.

2. RIDICULE (NOUN): (उपहास) travesty

Synonyms: satire, mockery

Antonyms: seriousness, solemnity

Example sentence: 

Ravi is held up as an object of ridicule.

3. SUCCOUR (NOUN): (परेशानी में सहायता) assistance

Synonyms: help, aid

Antonyms: hindrance, obstruction.

Example Sentence:

My younger sister is never hesitant to offer succour to anyone who needs it.

4. COWER (VERB): () to draw back and crouch in fear

Synonyms: cringe, crouch

Antonyms:  face, meet

Example Sentence:

He was cowering away from the fierce dog. 

5. COY (ADJECTIVE)(संकोची) very modest

Synonyms: bashful, evasive

Antonyms: immodest, unshy      
Example Sentence:

She gave her brother's friend a coy smile.

6. CRAMP (NOUN): (ऐंठन) stiffness

Synonyms: pain, ache

Antonyms: comfort, ease

Example Sentence: 

She started getting stomach cramps this morning.

7. CRASS (ADJECTIVE)(बेवकूफ) not intelligent; irresponsible

Synonyms: stupid, gross

Antonyms: sharp, smart

Example Sentence:

They have behaved with crass insensitivity.

8. ROBUST (ADJECTIVE): (मजबूत) hearty

Synonyms: healthy, sturdy

Antonyms: fragile, incapable

Example Sentence:

He is an intelligent and a robust child.

9. UNDERGIRD (VERB): (सुदृढ बनाना) bolster

Synonyms: reinforce, uphold

Antonyms: undermine, weaken

Example Sentence: 

The Architect used iron rods to undergird the bridge.

10. OPT (VERB)(चुनाव करना) choose

Synonyms: elect, go for 

Antonyms: dislike, hate

Example Sentence: 

I opt him to be my friend.

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