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Friday, 25 May 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 25-05-18

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The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 25-05-18

1. CORNUCOPIA (NOUN): (प्रचुरता) Abundance

Synonyms: bounty, fullness 

Antonyms: need, lack

Example Sentence:

I shall come from London Town with a cornucopia of presents.

2. FRET (VERB): (चिड़चिड़ाना) Feel uneasy

Synonyms: be upset, be anxious 

Antonyms: please, delight 

Example Sentence:

She was always fretting about something or the other. 

3. ETHEREAL (ADJECTIVE): (कोमल) Extremely delicate

Synonyms: light, sublime 

Antonyms: earthly, indelicate

Example Sentence: 

In this ethereal realm are the currents that make possible wireless telegraphy.

4. UNLETTERED (ADJECTIVE): (निरक्षर) Uneducated

Synonyms: ignorant, illiterate 

Antonyms: educated, literate

Example Sentence:

Such misconceptions have not been confined to the unlettered masses.

5. SPRIGHTLY (ADJECTIVE): (प्रमुदित) Lively

Synonyms: agile, active 

Antonyms: spiritless, lethargic

Example Sentence:

The sprightly old woman walks two miles every day.

6. SANCTIMONIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (पाखंडी) Self-righteous

Synonyms: insincere, hypocritical

Antonyms: honest, sincere

Example Sentence:

His sanctimonious expressions explained his intentions.

7. SULLEN (ADJECTIVE): (उदास) Morose

Synonyms: gloomy, brooding 

Antonyms: cheerful, pleasant

Example Sentence:

The offenders lapsed into a sullen silence.

8. CHAOTIC (ADJECTIVE): (अराजकतापूर्ण) Disordered

Synonyms: uncontrolled, lawless s

Antonyms: ordered, organized

Example Sentence:

My house becomes a chaotic place in the absence of my wife.

9. CONTRITE (ADJECTIVE): (पछताया हुआ) Chastened

Synonyms: repentant, sorrowful 

Antonyms: indifferent, unapologetic

Example Sentence:

He was so contrite that he wrote me a letter of apology.

10. PRUNE (VERB): (काटना/ छाँटना) Pare down

Synonyms: trim, reduce 

Antonyms: include, increase

Example Sentence:

Economic hard times are forcing the companies to prune their budget.

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