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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 22-05-18

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The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 22-05-18

1. NOISOME (ADJECTIVE): (बदबूदार) stinking

Synonyms: smelly, disgusting

Antonyms: good, pleasant

Example Sentence: 

The atmosphere of the room seemed to become noisome.

2. NOMADIC (ADJECTIVE): (खानाबदोश) itinerant

Synonyms: roving, migrant

Antonyms: native, settled

Example Sentence:

On the whole, however, nomadic life is at the present day, the exception.

3. ABATE (VERB): (कम करना) mitigate

Synonyms: lessen, decrease

Antonyms: aggravate, intensify

Example sentence:

Only flushing would not have been sufficient to abate the odour.

4. ASSIDUOUS (ADJECTIVE): (परिश्रमी) industrious

Synonyms: diligent, attentive 

Antonyms: careless, indolent

Example sentence:

Garima was assiduous in pointing out every feature.

5. NONCHALANT (ADJECTIVE): (बेपरवाह) careless

Synonyms: casual, unconcerned

Antonyms: careful, concerned 

Example Sentence:

He does not care for anything as he is nonchalant.

6. ABJURE (VERB): (त्यागना) renounce

Synonyms: retract, revoke 

Antonyms: approve, sanction

Example sentence:

The MP was urged to abjure his allegiance.

7. NINCOMPOOP (NOUN): (मूर्ख) idiot

Synonyms: fool, blockhead

Antonyms: perspicacious, sagacious

Example Sentence: 

Only a complete nincompoop would believe a story like that.

8. ABETTOR (NOUN): (सहायक) assistant

Synonyms: accomplice, colleague 

Antonyms: opponent, adversary

Example sentence:

He was his abettor in crime.

9. NUISANCE (NOUN): (बाधा) problem

Synonyms: trouble, bore

Antonyms: benefit, pleasure

Example Sentence: 

It's a real nuisance having to pick up the kids from school every day.

10. ARRAIGN (VERB): (आरोप लगाना) charge

Synonyms: blame, accuse 

Antonyms: exculpate, pardon

Example Sentence: 

Arun was arraigned with theft.

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