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Saturday, 19 May 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 19-05-18

Mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 19-05-18
1. UNDUE (ADJECTIVE): (अनुचित) disproportionate

Synonyms: extreme, unjustified

Antonyms: appropriate, justified

Example sentence:

Don’t try to take an undue advantage.

2. VIGOROUS (ADJECTIVE): (फुरतीला) energetic

Synonyms: dynamic, lively

Antonyms: dull, rough

Example sentence:

He is a vigorous fellow.

3. BOOTLEGGING (NOUN): (डकैती) piracy

Synonyms: smuggling, trafficking

Antonyms: legal goods, lawful goods

Example sentence:

Bootlegging is increasing with the DVDs of new movies.

4. DISCRIMINATION (NOUN): (भेदभाव) bias

Synonyms: prejudice, bigotry

Antonyms: equity, fairness

Example sentence:

I don’t believe in discrimination.

5. RETRIEVE (VERB): (पुनः प्राप्त करना) regain

Synonyms: restore, redeem

Antonyms: renounce, abandon

Example sentence:

He retrieve his access over the throne.

6. COGENT (ADJECTIVE): (प्रभावशाली) Effective

Synonyms: convincing, powerful 

Antonyms: ineffective, unimportant

Example Sentence:

Abhay always delivers a cogent presentation.

7. PRECOCIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (अकालप्रौढ़) Exceptionally smart

Synonyms: developed, quick 

Antonyms: underdeveloped, unresponsive

Example sentence:

Anuj was always a precocious boy.

8. PERUSAL (NOUN): (अवलोकन) Scrutiny

Synonyms: inspection, survey 

Antonyms: neglect, ignorance

Example sentence:

I want this veggie to be gone through deep perusal.

9. UNHINDERED (ADJECTIVE): (निर्बाध) Direct

Synonyms: constant, straight 

Antonyms: indirect, stopped

Example Sentence:

They allowed unhindered broadcast of the international news.

10. STEALTH (NOUN): (गोपनीयता) Secrecy

Synonyms: covertness, slyness 

Antonyms: overtness, openness

Example Sentence:

If I can't get what I want openly, I get it by stealth.

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