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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 08-05-18

Mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 08-05-18

1. COARSE (ADJECTIVE): (अशिष्ट) rude

Synonyms: discourteous, uncouth

Antonyms: refined, decent

Example Sentence:

We should avoid using coarse language especially for females.

2. PIECEMEAL (ADVERB): (आंशिक रूप से) not completely

Synonyms: partially, halfway

Antonyms: wholly, totally

Example Sentence:

We have piecemeal completed the tasks given to us by the boss.

3. GLIMPSE (NOUN): (झलक)
brief look

Synonyms: peek, glance

Antonyms: stare, scrutiny

Example Sentence:

Try to make your parents’ life easy because they won’t let you see a glimpse of problems.

4. EVANESCE (VERB): (गायब हो जाना) disappear

Synonyms: dissolve, fade

Antonyms: appear, arrive

Example Sentence:

The cold weather conditions have evanesced nowadays.


Synonyms: counterfeit, artificial

Antonyms: authentic, genuine

Example Sentence:

Beware of spurious things for sale in the market because they can harm you.

6. MALICE (NOUN): (द्वेष/दुर्भावना) hatred

Synonyms: antipathy, grudge

benevolence, kindness

Example Sentence:

I bear no malice towards anybody.

7. CONDUCIVE (ADJECTIVE): (सहायक) favorable

Synonyms: contributive, useful

Antonyms: unfavorable, hindering

Example Sentence:

It will be conducive for Atul if you tell him what to do.

8. VALOUR (NOUN): (वीरता) bravery

Synonyms: heroism, courage

Antonyms: cowardice, meekness

Example Sentence:

Marathas’ valour is well known.

9. MISGIVING (NOUN): (संदेह) doubt

Synonyms: distrust, cynicism

Antonyms: certainty, confidence

Example Sentence:

His actions raised a lot of misgiving hence, we called the police.

10. GENIAL (ADJECTIVE): (मिलनसार) friendly

Synonyms: cheerful, amiable

Antonyms: hostile, unfriendly

Example Sentence:

It is always great to work with genial people.

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