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Saturday, 5 May 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 05-05-18

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The Hindu Vocabulary For SBI Clerk Prelims | 05-05-18

1. SWAMP (NOUN): (कीचड़) quagmire

Synonyms: marshland, lowland

Antonyms: clean land, clear 

Example Sentence:

This area is full of swamp so it smells fouls all the time. 

2. RANKLE (VERB): (खिजाना/चिढ़ाना) to cause bitterness or irritation

Synonyms: annoy, embitter

Antonyms: comfort, pacify

Example Sentence: 

Sarika was rankled by his assertion.

3. AKIN (ADJECTIVE): (समान) similar in nature

Synonyms: analogous, comparable

Antonyms: dissimilar, unlike

Example Sentence: 

Something akin to gratitude overwhelmed her.

4. ARCHAIC (ADJECTIVE): (प्राचीन) old and no longer useful

Synonyms: primitive, old-fashioned

Antonyms: modern, up-to-date

Example Sentence:

In comparison to portable laptop typewriters are archaic.

5. CONCORD (NOUN): (समझौता) a state of accord or agreement

Synonyms: unanimity, harmony

Antonyms: disagreement, agitation

Example sentence: 

The two countries signed a pact of peace and concord.

6. BRUSQUE (ADJECTIVE): (बेअदब) blunt in manner or harsh speech 

Synonyms: gruff, discourteous

Antonyms: polite, kind

Example Sentence:

His child is brusque and impatient.

7. FRACAS (NOUN): (दंगा/कोलाहल) a noisy disagreement 

Synonyms: commotion, disturbance

Antonyms: agreement, harmony

Example Sentence: 

The students were suspended from the class when they started a fracas.

8. FIAT (NOUN): (आज्ञाप्ति) order

Synonyms: command, dictum

Antonyms: opposition, denial

Example Sentence: 

The CM’s latest fiat prohibits the chewing of tobacco in office.

9. ENNUI (NOUN): (थकान) boredom 

Synonyms: tedium, languor

Antonyms: excitement, liveliness

Example Sentence:

Eaten up by ennui at his workplace, he decided to go on a vacation.

10. EFFIGY (NOUN): (पुतला) dummy

Synonyms: statue, figure

Antonyms: entity, being

Example Sentence: 

The fringe set fire to an effigy of the director.

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