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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Questions Of The Day-23-05-2018

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Questions Of The Day-23-05-2018
Enhance your thinking ability and writing skills daily with us. Here we are providing you a platform to attempt the descriptive paper. We will provide you a question of the day daily, which will be based on the editorial discussed in the editorial times. You can post your answers in the comment section and we will evaluate your answer. Also, you can post your topic which you want us to be discussed under case study. We will select a topic weekly from your comments. You can write your answer either in English or in Hindi and you can also write your answer in pen and paper mode and can later upload your answer in image form.

Idioms & Phrases 

Q.1 Something up one’s sleeve 

(1) Have a secret plan 

(2) A grand idea 

(3) Something important 

(4) A profitable plan 


Q.2 To set the people by ears 

(1) To punish heavily 

(2) To insult or disgrace people 

(3) To box the people 

(4) To excite people to a quarrel 


One word Substitution 

Q.1 One who flirts with ladies. 

(1) Solemn 

(2) Posthumous 

(3) Philander 

(4) Sinecure 


(1) Solemn = Sincere 

(2) Posthumous = Born after the death of its father 

(3) Sinecure = A position requiring little or no work 

Q.2 The violation or profaning of sacred things. 

(1) Sacrilege 

(2) Lustrous 

(3) Unanimous 

(4) Gratis 


(1) Lustrous = Shining 

(2) Unanimous = Fully in agreement 

(3) Gratis = Without charge; free 

Phrasal Verb 

Q.1 Having one book published doesn’t really amount ___ a career as a writer. 

(1) on 

(2) to 

(3) out 

(4) up 

Ans- (2) 

Q.2 He got into trouble for answering ___ to his teacher. 

(1) forth 

(2) upon 

(3) on 

(4) back 

Ans- (4)

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